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ICEHOTEL Activities

Discover the beauty of the ICEHOTEL

The ICEHOTEL lies in the village of Jukkasjärvi, an important centre of Sámi culture. This masterpiece of construction has been rebuilt each year for more than 20 years - and no two ICEHOTELs in Lapland are ever the same.

A vast array of excursions are on offer here including snowmobile safaris, dog sledding tours, horse-riding, moose safaris and Sámi tours.

All tours are planned to start from the first date the ICEHOTEL opens, unless otherwise stated. The minimum number of participants is two persons per activity.

Before booking any of our activities, please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions.

Snowmobile Tours (Available Daily)

Speed through the countryside on a snowmobile when you stay at the ICEHOTEL

Snowmobile Tour with Swedish Coffee (Fika)
A perfect opportunity to experience Lapland’s magnificent nature in broad daylight, this excursion takes you across frozen lakes and bogs and through hilly landscapes to enjoy views over the river to Kiruna in the distance. Traditional Swedish coffee by an open fire is included in this excursion.

Northern Light Snowmobile Tour
Join our specially trained guides for a nightly excursion in search of the Northern Lights! For the best chance to see this phenomenon, we head out into the untouched wilderness on snowmobile. During the course of our tour, the guide will make short stops and tell truths and tall tales about the mythical Aurora Borealis. A three-course dinner is included.

Arctic Wildlife Safari
A local guide escorts you through magnificent mountain scenery. You’ll learn about the native wildlife, discover how the moose affects the climate here and find out how to track a variety of creatures. This excursion includes transfers and a lunch made from local ingredients.

Dog Sledding (Available Daily)

Drive a team of dogs at the ICEHOTEL

Sled Dog Ride in Winter Wonderland
Take a seat in the sled, experience the howling dogs, and then the silence as your journey begins. Campfire coffee and cake are included.

Drive Your Own Dog Team on an Overnight Adventure to the Wilderness Lodge
Set out on an exciting adventure with your own team of sled dogs in search of the Aurora Borealis. Departing from the kennels, we will spend a night in a secluded wilderness camp. Dinner, breakfast and sauna snacks included.

Lunch Excursion with Huskies
Get an insight into a musher’s exciting everyday life with this exclusive excursion into the wilderness. Drive your own team of dogs, or ride as a passenger and assist with unharnessing the dogs after the tour. Transfers and traditional wilderness camp lunch included. Please be sure to tell staff whether you want to drive your own sled or ride as a passenger.

Sled Dog  Airport  Transfers
An exotic way to begin or end your stay at the ICEHOTEL, this dog sled journey takes approximately 75 minutes and luggage transportation is included.  This excursion must be pre-booked. 

Horse Riding (Available Daily)

See the Northern Lights at the ICEHOTEL

Moose Safari on Horseback
Head out on Icelandic horses to search for the moose - the King of the Swedish forest - in his winter grazing land, in the foothills of the country’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise. Transfers and lunch are included. Not suitable for under 12 years or anyone over 90 kg.

Northern Lights on Horseback
We head out into the winter night, on Icelandic horses, to search for the Northern Lights and the local moose. Transfers and dinner included. Not suitable for under 12 years or anyone over 90 kg.

Reindeer Excursions (Available Daily)

Take a Reindeer Sled Excursion at the ICEHOTEL

Ráidu  – Encounter with Reindeer
Join our Sámi guide to the reindeer camp to find out about these fascinating creatures and the amazing Sámi culture. Take a reindeer sled ride around a short track and hand feed these wonderful animals whilst finding out more about reindeer husbandry and the region’s indigenous people. Sample fireside suovas, the Sámi national dish, and hot coffee inside a traditional Sámi tent. Transfer included.

Vouján – Reindeer Sled Excursion
Experience traditional Sámi transport on this fabulous excursion. Take care of, and drive your own reindeer and sled, through snow-clad forests and frozen bogs. Enjoy a Sámi lunch in a traditional tipi-style tent before bidding farewell to your new travel companion. Transfer included. Drivers must be over 16 years and passengers must be at least 8 years.

Other Daily Activities

Can you create art like this at the ICEHOTEL?

Wilderness Dinner
Travel by mini bus to a forest wilderness camp, by the water’s edge in the forest.  First you’ll enjoy a warming pre-dinner drink in a tipi-style Sàmi tent whilst the guide tells you all about the Aurora Borealis and the wild animals of this Arctic region. It’s then time for a delicious three-course dinner served around the roaring fire.

Make Your Own Ice Sculpture
No ICEHOTEL experience is complete without a spot of ice sculpting, so come on - unleash your creativity! The ice from the Torne river is smooth and easy to work with – even for novices. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, professional sculptors Alessandro Falca and AnnaSofia Mååg are on hand to help! 

Skiing in the Poikkijärvi Woods
Your guide will drive you by snowmobile sled, the short distance across Torne river, to the forest area around Poikkijärvi. Here you will strap on your skis on and head into the forest. Fireside hot dogs and hot drinks are served during the tour and you can borrow the skis for the rest of the day.

Overnight Tour (Friday and Saturday)

Discover the beauty of nature at the ICEHOTEL

Log Cabin Overnight Tour
This excursion takes you to a traditional log cabin, beautifully situated on the water’s edge.

On arrival, your guide lights the fire and candles and prepares wood-fired sauna for those who want to give it a try. He/she will then cook a three-course dinner for you to enjoy in the cabin, where you’ll spend the night. With a little luck, the Aurora will appear.

Overnight Tour (Available Daily)

Overnight at the Reindeer Lodge
You will be collected from the ICEHOTEL mid to late afternoon and taken to the cosy Sami style cabins, in the snow-covered woods, where you'll have the local reindeer as your neighbours. An ideal choice for those in search of a remote and tranquil setting from which to hunt for the Northern Lights, the Reindeer Lodge offers great locally produced food, a wood-burning sauna and free use of showshoes and skis.

After a night in the lodge, you will be collected the following morning for your transfer back to the ICEHOTEL.

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