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Lapland Igloo Village Activities

See the Aurora at the Igloo Village

Lapland Igloo Village boasts snow (conditions permitting) and glass igloos, an ice bar, ice gallery and the spectacular snow restaurant. Guests stay in rustic log cabins for the majority of their holiday but can also choose to spend a night in a snow or glass igloo. Temperatures in the snow igloos drop below zero, offering customers the unique chance to spend the night in Arctic conditions - albeit wrapped up cosily in thermal sleeping bags. Alternatively, if you prefer warm accommodation, you can spend the night in a glass igloo with panoramic views of the night sky and, hopefully, the Northern Lights.

The Lapland Igloo Village is an unforgettable resort which will ensure that you have an extraordinary holiday experience.

You can experience our activities at the Igloo Village on our:

Before booking any of our activities, please ensure you have read our Activities Terms and Conditions.

Snowmobiles, Dog Sleds and Reindeer (Arranged on Request)

Discover scenic beauty at the Igloo Village

Snowmobile Safaris
Your snowmobile safari takes place in the ski village of Saariselkä 10km away. It begins with a private car transfer from the hotel to the safari office, where you will receive full equipment including a thermal suit, boots, socks, gloves, a balaclava and helmet. You will then have your all-important lesson on driving a snowmobile. The safari begins with a drive up to a beautiful fell to take in the stunning views of the surrounding area. Afterwards, the trail continues through the tranquil winter forest.

Safari options:

  • Airport transfer with luggage service & hot drink
  • 2 hour safari with hot drink
  • 4 hour safari with lunch
  • 3 hour Aurora safari with hot drink
  • Overnight safari/safari to the Barents Sea with accommodation and meals.

Husky Safaris

The Husky farm, just across the road from the hotel, is home to about 250 eager huskies ready to take you on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking winter landscape.

On arrival you will be given a warm outer thermal suit, gloves and a hat. You will then meet your very own team of huskies. Before you set out you'll learn how to drive a sled, picking up the vital hand signals from your leader. Each team consists of around six dogs, a driver and a passenger who is comfortably seated in the wooden sled. The driver and passenger can change places at any time during the safari.

Safari options:

  • 2 hour safari with hot drink
  • 4 hour safari with lunch
  • 2 hour Aurora hunt with hot drink
  • overnight safari with accommodation and meals.

Reindeer Safaris
A reindeer safari is a relaxing experience, during which you glide through the magical winter forest pulled by your very own reindeer. You will be driven to the reindeer farm by car and all necessary equipment will be provided. This safari requires no skills and the reindeer will do all the work for you as you sit back and relax in your own sleigh. A wonderful opportunity to learn all about the Sami people, their traditions and way of life. This is an experience not-to-be-missed!

Safari options:

  • 2 hour safari with hot drink
  • 4 hour safari with lunch
  • 2 hour Aurora hunt with hot drink.

Fun on Ice (Arranged on Request)

Discover Sami Culture at the Igloo Village

Ice Breaker Sampo Trip
The Sampo, the world’s only tourist icebreaker, operates on the northern Gulf from the middle of December to the end of April. After serving for 30 years as an icebreaker in Arctic waters, the vessel now caters for ice adventurers. The frozen Arctic landscape, the winter darkness, the crackling frost and the crystal clear starry skies illuminated by the Aurora Borealis offer visitors a unique experience in the midst of untamed nature. This whole day excursion includes a visit to meet Santa Claus at the Santa Claus Village, lunch and an Arctic Circle crossing.

Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is a truly Finnish experience. Combined with a visit to the Sami museum in Inari, it will give you a day full of exceptional experiences. In the morning, after breakfast at the hotel, you will be driven by car to the small village of Inari which lies on Lake Inari. From the village you will take a snowmobile to the lake (subject to your chosen option), where we will find the best fishing spot. Your guide will drill a hole in the ice and show you how to fish. Any catch may be kept and the hotel’s chef will be happy to cook it for you if you wish. Lunch will be served over an open fire. 

When the fishing is over, you continue to the wilderness church at Pielpajärvi, 10km away and on to the Sami museum in Inari. The museum offers a fascinating insight into the life of the Sami people, past and present. An English-speaking guide will accompany you throughout the trip.

Please note: this activity only operates on Tuesdays and Saturdays in certain periods.

Aurora Specials (Arranged on Request)

Discover the wonder of the Aurora at the Igloo Village

Aurora Borealis Express
On this excursion you head north, by car, for an Aurora Borealis Hunt. If conditions are favourable you should stand a good chance of being able to view the Northern Lights. Your guide will act as a photography assistant for you, to ensure you are able to catch the best possible pictures of the Aurora. He/she will also takes photographs of the entire group, to ensure you have a fabulous reminder of your trip. An evening snack is provided during the trip. Please note: it is recommended that you bring a Digital SLR to capture the best pictures of the Northern Lights. Duration 4 hours.

Land of the Northern Lights
This tour lets you explore the North of Finland and offers great opportunities to see the Northern Lights. Your guide doubles up as your photography assistant, helping you to get some great shots of the Aurora. An evening snack will be provided during the tour. Please note: it is recommended that you bring a Digital SLR to capture the best pictures of the Northern Lights. Duration 6 hours.

Further Choices (Arranged on Request)

Discover the joys of cross country skiing at the Igloo Village

Winter is a great time for cross-country skiing, horse riding or even a session in the smoke sauna. The Igloo Village offers all of these and much more. Speak to our travel advisers for full details.

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