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Tromso Activities

Discover the Wonders of Tromso

Many of the activities available in Tromsø are in high demand and some can fill up very quickly due to small group sizes. If you come across a tour that you really like, therefore, please inform one of our travel advisers as soon as possible.

Below you'll find a fantastic range of activities ranging from daytime dog sledding, snowmobiling and reindeer sleigh rides to a whole host of excursions to see the Northern Lights. We've got short activities and overnight treks so, whatever kind of pastime you're looking for, speak to us today to book your favourite.

Before booking any of our activities, please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions.

Dog Sledding (Arranged on Request)

Harness the Power of the Paw in Tromso

Dog Sledding in the Lyngen Alps
For a real arctic adventure, it would be difficult to beat driving your own team of dogs across the unspoilt wilderness of the Lyngen Alps. Of course, you don`t have to drive, you can choose to sit back and relax in the comfort of the sledge and let your guide do the work for you. Duration 7 hours. Includes thermal suits, driving tuition, return transport, hot meal, drink and Lyngen cake.

Husky Sledding with Lunch
Enjoy fantastic view over Tromsø on this husky sled safari. You can choose to sit in the sled or drive your own team of huskies. There are good wildlife spotting opportunities as you make your way through the snow covered landscape. After about an hour you will return to the ranch where you will meet the puppies and make some four legged friends. You will be served a Sámi meal (Bidos) with coffee and cake for dessert inside a warm Sámi tent (lavvo). A vegetarian option is also available. Let us know if you want to drive your own sled but do be aware that this is not always possible in certain weather conditions. Duration 4 hours. Includes services of a guide, return transport from Tromsø, dog sledding, lunch and outdoor clothes.

Husky Sledding with Evening Meal
Drive your own team of huskies or take a ride with our experienced guides and chase the Northern Lights. Guided by headlamps and the dogs’ noses, you’ll fly  through the snow covered landscape. If conditions are right and you are lucky, the Northern Lights will appear to enhance your experience. After about an hour of dog sledding, we return to the Villmark Centre where you will be served “Bidos” with coffee and cake for dessert inside a Sámi Tent (lavvo). Whenever you want you can step outside to scout for the Northern Lights. You will also have the opportunity to visit the puppies and make some four legged friends. Please inform your travel adviser if you prefer to drive your own sled. This may not, however, be possible in all conditions. Duration 4 hours. Includesservices of a guide, return transport from Tromsø, dinner and clothing.

Aurora Dog Expedition
Take the controls of a dog sled and explore the untouched wilderness of the island Kvaløya. Your professional guide will lead the way to the highest mountains, the deepest valleys and the best coastal views, making this expedition the most authentic northern lights experience of your life. Duration 8 hours. Includes services of a guide, return transport from Tromsø your own dog sled, expedition clothes, equipment and a snack.

Dog Sledding and the Aurora
For a real Arctic adventure, drive your team of dogs across the unspoilt wilderness of the Lyngen Alps. This evening tour will, hopefully, introduce you to the Northern Lights. If you prefer not to drive, you can sit back and relax on one of the sledges, letting your guide do the work for you. Duration 7 hours. Includes return transport, warm suits, hot meal, drink and Lyngen cake.

Snowmobiling (Arranged on Request)

Set out by snowmobile in Tromso

Snowmobile Adventure in the Lyngen Alps
The Lyngen Alps are one of northern Norway's premier winter wilderness playgrounds. This exhilarating snowmobile tour takes you from fjord to mountain - offering you the chance to experience the area’s fantastic scenery and abundant natural attractions.

Our trip begins on easy ground, following a well-established trail, allowing us time to perfect our driving ability. Our schedule means we have plenty of time to stop, take photos and check everyone is happy.

The route takes us up into the alpine landscape which defines this area. We follow the contours of the mountains and the trail becomes much more exciting. Duration 7 hours. Includes return transport, warm suits, hot meal and drinks.

Reindeer Safaris (Arranged on Request)

Meet the Sami and the reindeer in Tromso

Reindeer Ride with Traditional Sámi Food
On arrival in Risvika, you will put on the warm clothing provided and make your way to the reindeer. From here you will set out on your 30 minute sled ride, experiencing the traditional Sámi transport of times gone by.

While sledding through the countryside, the only things you will hear are reindeer bells. On your return to the lavvo, you’ll be served coffee and a traditional Sámi meal of Bidos (reindeer meat in a vegetable soup). Eating soup by the fire offers a fabulous insight into how the Sámi people live their lives. Your guide will tell you all about Sámi history and their way of life. You will be shown how to throw a lasso over antlers, and be able to try it yourself. Duration 4-5 hours. Includes return transport, reindeer ride, meal and coffee,

Reindeer Sledding with Sámi Culture
Join a Sámi guide on this unforgettable reindeer sledding and culture tour. Your guides come from a Sámi reindeer herding family and during your visit you will experience reindeer sledding, lasso throwing, sightseeing opportunities at the camp, Sámi food, storytelling, a display of cultural artefacts and a joik (traditional Sámi song). Duration 3 hours. Includes warm clothes, services of a guide, hot meal, hot drink and transfers.

Whale Watching (Arranged on Request)

See the creatures of the deep in Tromso

Shore Walk, Lunch and Whale Watching at Vengsøy Island
This shore walk invites you to search for beach crab, small fish and sea shells. From the end of November to mid-January you can also look out for Orcas, porpoises and the Humpback Whales feeding on herring in the fjords. Duration 5 hours. Includes transport, guide, lunch and hot drinks.

Whale Safari
Mid-November to mid-January you can set out on a whale watching safari in search of Orcas and Humpbacks.  Sailing on a 120 person cruiser, you’ll be able to look out from three different decks to see the creatures of the deep as well as Sea Eagles and other marine animals. Small groups may be able to travel by RIB, getting up close to study the whales in detail. Duration 5 hours. Includes protective clothing and transport (where required).

Northern Lights Excursions (Arranged on Request)

Experience the Northern Lights in Tromso

Non-stop Northern Lights Chase
This non-stop Northern Lights chase takes place every evening. Each vehicle has a professional driver and an authorised guide on board and their mission is clear: to take you to the best possible places to see the magnificent Aurora. Duration 6-7 hours. Includes hot chocolate, cookies and free electronic pictures of the excursion on the operator’s Facebook page.

Aurora Dinner
This minibus tour goes to the best locations to see the elusive Northern Lights. During the chase, a warm meal will be served around the campfire. Should the lights come out to play, you will be emailed photographs of the display following your tour. Duration minimum 5 hours. Includes warm suit and thermo boots, dinner, local sweet snacks, coffee, hot toddy, mineral water, use of photographic tripods and return transfers. Please note this tour only operates on certain dates.

Northern Lights Jeep Safari
Your guide will collect you in a 4 wheel drive Toyota Rav4, taking you away from the lights of the city, to the best possible place to see the Aurora. If conditions are right you’ll get to experience the dancing lights and enjoy the stories about this magical phenomenon. Duration 5-6 hours. Includes private transport, local guide, facts and myths about the lights, snacks, outdoor clothing, blankets and snowshoes.

Northern Lights Visit
Enjoy the wilderness on a Northern Lights trip from Tromso. You will be served hot drinks and can grill sausages over an open fire inside a Sámi Tent (lavvo) while you wait for the lights. Outside you can rest on reindeer skins or sit on chairs while you scour the skies for the Aurora. Your guide will answer any questions you may have. Although light sightings cannot be guaranteed, there are plenty of other distractions to entertain you including a visit to see the puppies at the kennels, the opportunity to relax in the Jacuzzi and, of course, a tasty local dinner of Bidos. Duration 4 hours. Includes services of a guide, return transfers from Tromsø, snacks and hot drinks. Ask about dinner and Jacuzzi options.

Aurora Sightseeing
Bring your camera and warm clothing for a tour which can take you anywhere - even over the border into Finland! This minibus excursion boasts a guide simply brimming with enthusiasm and a promise to take you to the best locations to find the Northern Lights. Should the Aurora come out to play, you will be emailed photographs of the display following your tour. Duration minimum 5 hours. Includes local snacks and warm drink, warm suit and thermo boots, use of photographic tripods and return transfers. Please note: for border crossing purposes, you may require your passport. This tour will only run on certain dates.

Northern Lights Cultural Evening Ferry Cruise in the Island District
Search for the Northern Lights on the Tromso ferry. Your guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the Bellvik ferry quay for an afternoon departure. Your first port of call is the fishing village of Vengsøy with a population of 80, then it’s on to the holiday village of Laukvik and Musvar – a thoroughly traditional, self-sufficient island. Finally, we call in on Sandøy, a historic village inhabited since the Viking age and home to just two people. Duration 6 hours. Includes private transport, local guide, facts and myths about the Aurora, late night refreshments and a jeep safari from 2200 to midnight. Please note this tour is only available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

The Ultimate Northern Lights Chase
Using first class local knowledge and the latest forecasts and predictions, this tour takes you to the best places to see the Aurora. You will be driven to areas with clear skies and shown how to set up your camera to take great Northern Lights photographs. They may be the chance to enjoy a little sledging during the tour and, if time permits, you’ll visit a lavvo complete with a bonfire. Duration 5-6 hours. Includes return transport.

Overnight Excursions (Arranged on Request)

Experience the wilderness around Tromso

The Arctic Shock!
Try a night outdoors in a snow cave and really experience the Arctic. Picking you up from the airport or your hotel, your guide will show you how to build your icy home and then lead you on an evening Aurora snowshoe walk before you retire for the evening.  Duration 20 hours. Includes return transfers, services of a guide, guidance on building a snow cave, equipment (shovel, snowshoes and a sleeping bag) and all meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast). NB there is no vegetarian option available.

Overnight at Camp Tamok
An overnight stay with evening and morning activities (additional cost) - we recommend snowmobiling and dog sledding. Stay in one of our small Aurora Chalets and you’ll find the lack of electricity and water is more than made up for by ample heating and the fact that you have a Northern Lights viewing window right over your bed! Duration 18 hours. Includes return transport, overnight accommodation and breakfast.

Other Activities (Arranged on Request)

Explore the beautiful countryside around Tromso

The Cable Car
A visit to Tromsø isn't complete without a trip on the Cable Car. Take the ride to Mount Storsteinen (421m) for a fantastic view. The heated lounge is open every day and the café is open on weekends. Evening rides are on request only. Please note parts of the mountain are not secure for children.

Snowshoes Without a Guide
Arriving in Risvika, you will be provided with snowshoes and shown how to use them. You will then be informed of the best places to go to take in the scenery. Duration 4 hours.

Visit My Home in the Lyngen Alps
A personal invitation to experience Lyngen in the company of a local family.  You may simply want to take in the fantastic alpine scenery while you relax and unwind in the outdoor hot tub. Alternatively, you can choose one of our wide range of activities to make your stay a little more action packed.

The family will show you how they live in the beautiful, yet rugged, Arctic north of Norway. They will share with you an insight into the challenges and rewards of everyday life in the region. Please note this tour is only available on Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. Duration 7 hours. Includes warm lunch, transport and free activities.

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