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Adventure Holidays at Ice and Snow Hotels

At the Mighty Fine Company we specialise in unique and unusual Adventure Holidays at Ice and Snow Hotels.

Deep inside the Arctic Circle people have been building dwellings from ice for thousands of years. The amazing properties of dense snow means that, despite needing frigid conditions to be built, an igloo keeps its inhabitants warm and protected all night long. Now you can share in the experience of sleeping in balance with the tundra by staying at one of our unique snow and ice resorts.

Experience Adventure Holidays at Ice and Snow Hotels

One of our favourite winter holidays is in Finnish Lapland at the igloo village. Guests at the village enjoy a fully equipped log cabin with a private sauna for most of their stay but they also have the opportunity to spend a night in an igloo. Two types of igloo are available at the resort, the first being a traditional snow igloo and the second being an amazing glass igloo for mesmerising views of the night sky and the Aurora Borealis. Take a reindeer sleigh ride or a dog sled adventure by day and at night, return to your resort and either make use of your cabin’s kitchen facilities or enjoy a meal at an ice table in a giant igloo.

For an adventure holiday with a difference stay at the original Icehotel. Every year since 1990, a team of artists and designers from around the world has met near the small Arctic town of Jukkasjärvi to create one of the most elaborate and complex ice sculptures on Earth; the perfect base for an adventure holiday to ice hotels and igloos. It is beautiful and unique, as well as having access to a wealth of activities and world class services.

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