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Activity and Adventure Holidays : Lapland

If you’re looking for the ultimate Activity and Adventure Holidays, Lapland is the destination for you. This amazing part of the world boasts an amazing array of outdoor activities, truly impressive snowfall in winter, lovely long summer days and stunning accommodation options. Indeed, if you’re the kind of person who loves the great outdoors, you’ll feel very much at home here.

A Little Bit of Everything

Those who book our Activity and Adventure Holidays in Lapland to try out a wide range of activities have an amazing selection of breaks to choose from. There are getaways where every day is already scheduled with activities for you to enjoy, as well as those where you select exactly what you take part in each day. Whichever type of holiday you choose though, you’re guaranteed a great experience. Travel in winter and you can power through the countryside on a snowmobile, learn to mush a team of huskies as you take the reins of the dog sled or simply immerse yourself in local culture and discover the secret of snowshoeing. Opt for a summer break and you’ll be white water rafting, hiking and canoeing. In essence, we have options to suit all tastes on our Activity and Adventure Holidays in Lapland, so why wait any longer? Plan your getaway today!

Full-On Adventure

If you’re a little more serious about your activities, our adventure breaks are an absolute must. Opt for multi-day snowmobiling breaks and cross the Finnish border to Sweden to explore the beautiful countryside and spend a night in the world famous Icehotel. Alternatively your adventure can take you to stunning Russian Karelia where you will encounter magnificent natural attractions – including some simply breathtaking waterfalls – as you journey from one wilderness lodge to another. And if you want to mix it up a little, how about combining an overnight snowmobile safari with an overnight dog sledding experience and taking in some of the most amazing Finnish countryside en route?

Aurora Magic

For many customers, our Activity and Adventure Holidays in Lapland are all about new experiences and what better experience could there be than a sighting of the mystical Aurora Borealis? The vast majority of our winter itineraries include the opportunity to hunt for the Northern Lights. On some tours you’ll trek into the wilderness on foot, using traditional snowshoes; on others you’ll zip off under moonlit skies on your snowmobile and on yet more you’ll drive a husky sled into the wilderness to discover the ultimate viewing spot. The key to Aurora hunting is escaping the artificial light of towns and cities and, thanks to our expert guides, you can be sure you’ll be visiting the best possible locations.

Celebrate in Style

A large proportion of our customers choose our Activity and Adventure Holidays in Lapland to celebrate a special event or occasion. We’ve got Christmas and New Year itineraries to make it a year to remember and, if you’re in the mood for love – yet still hanging on to that healthy sense of competition – why not opt for our Activity and Adventure Holidays for your honeymoon or a special romantic break? It might be a case of every man for himself when you are showing off your snowmobiling skills during the daytime, but come the evenings you can put all of that behind you and snuggle up together in your cosy accommodation!

Stunning Accommodation

When it comes to choosing a place to rest your head on our Activity and Adventure Holidays in Lapland, there’s a world of choice to look forward to. As well as the very best local hotels, we offer the chance to stay in tradition ‘Kelo’ style log cabins made of full pine logs, spend a night in an ice igloo or opt for a heated glass igloo where you can look up at the night sky in readiness for the Aurora to appear. There’s also the amazing Harads hotel to consider and here you can stay in a UFO, a giant Bird’s Nest or an amazing Mirror Cube.

For many, however, the most thrilling accommodation options on our Activity and Adventure Holidays in Lapland are our snow hotels. These amazing structures are rebuilt each year with a new style and theme, each one more ornate that the last. An overnight stay in a snow hotel is a memory that will stay with you forever and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the rooms can be thanks, in no small part, to some rather cosy thermal sleeping bags!

Ready to Book?

If our Activity and Adventure Holidays in Lapland sound like the kind of fun-filled challenge you’re looking for, speak to our friendly, helpful travel advisers. Not only are they there to answer any queries you may have, they are also on hand to give you the inside information you need to plan your perfect getaway.

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