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Africa Wildlife Safaris

Walk among untamed wilderness where predators furtively prowl and some of the planet’s most revered animals exist. Africa Wildlife Safaris give you the chance to watch fantastic beasts roam freely in their natural habitats. You can explore the sprawling national parks that protect the landscapes of Africa and its Wildlife on Safaris during the day and night.

As burnt umber sunsets spread warmth across the wilderness watch the silhouettes of incredible animals, including lions, tigers, elephants and giraffes on the horizon. All around you nature dictates the backdrops as rugged mountains and raging waterfalls frame the land.

Each day you are presented with new and thrilling experiences on Africa Wildlife Safaris. Embark on both land and water-based adventures that take you close up to some of the world’s deadliest creatures.

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  • Botswana: Best of Botswana including Victoria Falls

    This exciting Botswana safari is unforgettable - any wildlife lover’s dream!

    Action-packed, all-inclusive, 10 day adventure, staying in luxurious, private lodges in some of the country’s best national parks and travelling between locations by bush plane. Comprising several national parks, the Kalhari desert, the Okavango...

    10 Days From £13041

  • Namibia: Highlights of Unique Namibia Safari

    Exciting Namibia Safari Holiday allowing you to witness some of the country's best wildlife

    Action-packed, full board, 10 day safari, allowing you to discover amazing desert-adapted wildlife whilst visiting some of Namibia’s hidden gems. Namibia is home to some of the world’s most remote areas, inhabited by remarkably unique wildlife. On...

    10 Days From £6319

  • Botswana: Botswana Lodge Safari

    The Botswana Lodge Safari: iconic wildlife in unforgettable, authentic accommodation

    Exceptional, 10 day, small group safari beginning and ending at Victoria Falls, seeing an exceptional range of wildlife and staying in some truly wonderful accommodation. Ideal for anyone with a taste for adventure and a passion for travel, this...

    10 Days From £3596

  • Zimbabwe: Highlights of Botswana and Zimbabwe

    Our Botswana and Zimbabwe Safari allows you to get up close to stunning African animals in their natural habitat

    Wonderful, nine day, adventure through Botswana and Zimbabwe, searching for stunning African wildlife as you embark on amazing game drives and enjoy an elephant back safari along the Zambezi River. Africa is bursting with life. Exotic colours,...

    9 Days From £2818

  • Congo: Congo Gorilla Trekking and Wildlife Safari

    Incredible Gorilla Trekking Holiday in Congo's remote regions

    Amazing, full board, eight day, wildlife adventure in remote areas of Congo searching for the Western Lowland Gorilla. Eager to discover man’s closest living relative? This Gorilla Trekking Holiday allows you to witness the largest habituated...

    8 Days From £9812

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