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Our Botswana Safaris

On our safari holidays in Botswana you will travel in small groups in purpose-built 4x4 vehicles. Every few days we will move to another fabulous location which will give you the opportunity to experience more of the country, giving you more opportunities to spot our Top 10 Wild Animals on the Botswana safari. You will stay in luxury tents or lodges throughout your safari holiday.

Top 10 Wild Animals on a Botswana Safari

The ‘Big Five’ refers to the most sought-after game animals that everyone on safari in Africa dreams of seeing. Our list of the Top 10 Wild Animals on a Botswana safari begins with the ‘Big Five'.

1. Lion

Inhabiting the grasslands and savannah of Botswana, the second biggest cat in the world can often be seen lazing in the shade of baobab trees in the midday sun.

2. Rhinoceros

There are two kinds of rhinoceros in Botswana: the white rhino and the endangered black rhino. Both are incredible creatures to witness in the wild.

3. Cape Buffalo

These bovines can be found grazing a range of places in Botswana, including floodplains, swamps, forests and grasslands.

4. African Elephant

Being the largest living terrestrial mammal, African elephants are easy to spot on safari in Botswana.

5. Leopard

With its incredible strength and agility, the leopard is one of Botswana’s most lethal predators and you might get a chance to see them from a safe distance. The ‘Big Five’ are not the only fascinating animals you could see during your holiday.

6. Cheetah

This incredible feline is on our list of Top 10 Wild Animals because it can reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour, making it the fastest land mammal in the world. Blink and you’ll miss it!

7. Zebra

These animals are usually found in a herd, which acts as a deterrent to potential predators. They can be seen all over Botswana grazing grasslands, savannah, woodlands, mountains and even thorny scrublands.

8. Hippopotamus

This large herbivorous mammal can usually be seen wallowing in muddy watering holes or lazing on riverbanks. It is the third largest land mammal after the African elephant and the rhinoceros, and its closest relatives are whales and porpoises.

9. Wildebeest

Sometimes also referred to as the gnu, the wildebeest is the most populous mammal in Africa and is famous for its annual long-distance migration.

10. Antelope

Finally, on our list of Top 10 Wild Animals on a Botswana safari you are likely to see several types of antelope, including kudu, gemsbok, eland, sable, roan and waterbuck.

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