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Historical and Cultural Voyages

Imagine being able to travel back in time and walk through the unravelling mysteries of antiquity. With an assortment of Historical and Cultural Voyages in the Mediterranean now available, travel to sunkissed destinations and make those dreams an unforgettable reality. If you have a hunger for history and an unquenchable desire to experience the intriguing cultures of foreign lands, then read on for the delights of Historical and Cultural Voyages in the Mediterranean.

Ancient Archaeology and Architecture

The Mediterranean boasts an unparalleled coastal beauty combined with a history that has been revered and retained for all to see, which is what makes our Historical and Cultural Voyages so popular.

It is not just the museums that are heaving with archaeological finds and insights into the history of each location, but the past is perfectly visible in the breathtaking architecture of each area.

Embark on the Antiquity Cruise of Greek Islands and Turkey and enjoy the splendour of ancient buildings and structural delights. Sights such as the Acropolis, home to the Parthenon and the temples in Izmir will leave you captivated by their ornate designs. Historical and cultural voyages allow you to witness first hand the incredible monuments that remain centuries after their construction.

Picture ambling along the streets of Pompeii, home to one of history’s most tragic tales, or sitting on the steps of an arena, where crowds would have roared and jeered as gladiators met their demise. For the opportunity to visit glorious landscapes and picturesque skylines, book the Ancient Wonders Cruise from Venice to Athens.

Sparkling Shores and Sensational Cuisine

The Mediterranean is famed for its delectable food and hearty menus, and when embarking on Historical and Cultural Voyages to Italy, Spain, Greece and beyond, you will want to savour every delicious bite each destination has to offer.

Feast on plump olives, bathed in glistening pools of olive oil and devour freshly cooked pasta served with locally grown herbs. Sit in the shade of a harbour café and enjoy lovingly prepared seafood dishes as you look out onto the ocean. Each destination has its own culinary delights, from the gourmet to the charmingly rustic, and tours like the Mediterranean Discovery Cruise - The Grand Tour will open your eyes and your appetite to a new world of tempting delicacies.

Travel in Style

You can choose to sail the seas in the most luxurious of surroundings on our Historical and Cultural Voyages, so that after a day of exploration you can return to premium facilities and relax. Some cruise liners offer an assortment of on-board spa and beauty treatments, which will ensure you feel truly pampered at every stage of the journey.

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