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Historic Cruises in the Aegean

Sailing between the pristine coastline of Turkey and Greece, Historic Cruises in the Aegean take passengers on an unforgettable voyage of discovery. The coastline that embraces this stretch of water is immersed in history, culture and dramatic scenery, making your time on shore and aboard truly amazing.

Fascinating archaeological sites are scattered across the landscape, revealing a wealth of ancient treasures to anyone that visits them. It’s no wonder the Aegean has been an inspiration to countless artists and writers. Many of the world’s most spectacular monuments and historical landmarks can be found here. The Lion Gate of Mycenae, which dates back to the Bronze Age, the tremendous Greek theatre at Epidaurus and the mythical islands of Delos are among the riches that await you on Historic Cruises in the Aegean.

Historic Cruises on the Aegean Odyssey

This beautifully appointed ship adds to the excitement of these cruises to antiquity. Being moderately small in comparison to many other vessels, the Aegean Odyssey is able to steer you closer to the mesmerising scenery of the coast, as well as calling at less crowded ports. The ship also carries fewer passengers, so your time on board is more intimate and laid back.

The interior of the ship is elegantly decorated and with top of the range facilities, you can really unwind in style. Retreat to the spa or massage rooms where you can indulge in some relaxing therapies or recline by the outdoor pool and absorb the heavenly vistas that are framed by clear blue sky and sparkling water. The gracious crew are always on hand to make sure your journey is as pleasurable as possible on historic cruises of the Aegean.

If you want to gain a greater understanding about the places that you visit, you can attend various lectures on board the ship, which tell of the history and culture of the Aegean. Or if you are a food lover, sample the exotic flavours of gourmet dishes prepared by the talented on-board chefs.

Whatever your pleasure, you will have an outstanding adventure on these Historic Cruises in the Aegean.

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