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Historic Cruises in the Black Sea

The deep orange sunset that melts above the coastline is just one of the breathtaking sights you can enjoy during Historic Cruises on the Black Sea. A real aura of mystery and intrigue floods through countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine, penetrating the soul of anyone that visits there. Fall under the spell of Istanbul and let the captivating combination of ancient architecture astound you. Punctuating the landscapes are grand cathedrals with their colourful frescos while the turrets of palaces and mosques overshadow the horizon. Everywhere you look, enthralling sights are waiting to be discovered.

Historic Cruises on the Black Sea are among some of our best kept secrets and introduce you to many untouched treasures as well as diverse cultures and intriguing history. From the blonde beaches of Bulgaria to the zigzagging cobbled streets of sophisticated cities, every moment of these cruises is delightful.

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