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Historic Cruises in the Mediterranean

Voyages among ancient civilisations take you on a memorable journey through time and the scenery that you will witness on Historic Cruises in the Mediterranean is unsurpassed. Whitewashed buildings glisten in the sun as they cling to lush hillsides while ancient villages and towns provide timeless backdrops. Grand monuments impose upon the landscape and Roman ruins lay testament to nations that were once in existence.

Thousands of miles of sun-drenched coastline are punctuated by charming harbours that invite you to explore their shores. And because there are still so many unsolved mysteries to be pondered, places like Greece and Egypt make Historic Cruises in the Mediterranean totally fascinating. Discover inspiring architecture that harks back to past civilisations, including Minoan and Byzantium.

Ships on Historic Cruises in the Mediterranean

There are many benefits to sailing on smaller cruise ships, including the ability to visit more ports with less crowded harbours. They can also sail closer to the coastline, bringing you magnified views of the compelling scenery. With much fewer passengers than larger cruise liners, ships used on Historic Cruises in the Mediterranean provide an intimate and relaxed ambience.

Every aspect of these cruises to antiquity is carefully considered to give you the ultimate experience, with the itineraries being no exception. Because they are meticulously planned, you get to see the main sights of each destination as well as some lesser known gems that lurk around corners, amazing and enthralling you.

The rooms on board the ship are elegant and comfortable, with many featuring a balcony where you can admire the staggering views. On-board facilities include an outdoor pool with sun decks, a fully equipped gym, massage and beauty rooms, and spa, so your time at sea will be completely pleasurable.

Guest lectures are another benefit of Historic Cruises in the Mediterranean as they aim to enlighten and educate you about the destinations you will visit, making your experience even more interesting.

On board Historic Cruises in the Mediterranean, you will find the service of the staff impeccable, allowing you to feel truly pampered throughout your holiday.

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