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Historic Cruises in the Red Sea

Situated between Africa and Asia, the Red Sea is a shimmering body of water that conceals a colourful world of coral reefs, tropical fish and other incredible marine life. Historic Cruises in the Red Sea let you explore the bordering countries that emanate mystery and magic. Probe into the past and unearth ancient treasures that make the destinations on Historic Cruises in the Red Sea so alluring.

From the untold secrecies of the Pharaohs and the monuments of ancient civilisations, to the bustling cities of culture, our Historic Cruises in the Red Sea bring you a melange of sights, sounds and aromas to tantalise your senses. Expertly guided itineraries ensure you witness the best sights at every port of call, acquainting you with each country’s highlights. These cruises successfully blend the excitement of shore excursions with complete relaxation on board the ship, making your Red Sea adventure one to remember.

About Historic Cruises in the Red Sea

To make your journey even more enjoyable, the Aegean Odyssey only carries an average of 350 passengers at a time, so there is ample space to unwind. This niche, mid-sized cruising is becoming more popular with those wanting to escape the hordes of holidaymakers that are more frequently found on larger cruise ships. But not only can you enjoy more space, the customised Aegean Odyssey is intended to sail closer to the coastline, bringing you more stunning scenery and letting you explore less crowded ports.

On the Aegean Odyssey, you can enjoy the cream of cultural and Historic Cruises in the Red Sea. Sailing from one exotic place to the next, discover celebrated landmarks and sites as well as diverse landscapes. As you recline by the outdoor pool, let the haunting panoramas hypnotise you as they float into view.

On board, the elegant interior complements the laid-back atmosphere of the ship, lulling you into total tranquility. But for those who like to stay occupied, there is a wide choice of facilities to keep you entertained. Savour exceptional menus in the two restaurants, learn more about the places you visit in the Lecture Theatre and library or enjoy one of the pampering spa treatments. Whatever you choose, your Historic Cruise in the Red Sea will be unforgettable.

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