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Historic Cruises in the Southern Mediterranean

There is something totally unique and enthralling about the destinations that feature on Historic Cruises in the Southern Mediterranean. As you step back in time, you will find yourself drawn into a land of mystery and intrigue, which possesses certain qualities that set it apart from anywhere else in the world. Discover the historic beauty of the Byzantine era when you visit incredible archaeological sites of temples and monuments.

The many excursions, which are integrated into Historic Cruises in the Southern Mediterranean, take you on a fascinating journey through the Land of the Pharaohs. Passengers will find themselves in awe of the famous Valley of the Kings and the mindblowing Pyramids, and although a camel ride in the desert is not obligatory when visiting Egypt, we highly recommend it.

Cultural and Historic Cruises in the Southern Mediterranean

As well as uncovering ancient histories on these cruises, you can lose yourself in the exotic cultures of the Southern Mediterranean. Every day you will embark on a new adventure that introduces you to the essence of each destination, giving you a greater insight into the traditions and ancient civilisations. A stroll around one of the bustling bazaars is a wonderful experience and lets you immerse yourself in the vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Here, you will find a wealth of brightly coloured stalls selling all kinds of goods, from pungent spices and fresh vegetables, to decorative materials and clothes.

In addition to the onshore cultural excursions, the food served on board the Aegean Odyssey brings you exceptional gastronomic experiences. Fresh, regional ingredients are used to create mouthwatering dishes and let you taste the distinctive flavours of the Southern Mediterranean in the comfort of the Marco Polo Restaurant.

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