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Asia: Holidays and Adventures

Enjoy a taste of the exotic on our Asia Holidays

Discover the secrets of ancient civilisations and experience the sights, sounds and cultural wonders of Asia Holidays. Marvel at the way the past meets the present as you explore historic farming villages and savour the contemporary delights of large cities.

What makes Asia so intriguing is its blend of cultures, religions and traditions. Witness how Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism have shaped the landscapes and architecture of this great continent. Wander through winding streets, following the scent of burning joss sticks placed outside countless shrines and temples. Be transported to a realm of meditation and reflection during your Asia Holidays and immerse yourself in a break brimming with natural highlights and cultural wonders.

Take a look at our full range of Holidays in Asia or, for a little more guidance, check out our Asian Holiday Ideas.

Vibrant City Breaks

Boasting mesmerising history and cultural treasures at every turn, Asia Holidays also appeal to those seeking the excitement of city life. Singapore, Hong Kong, Hanoi and Phnom Penh are bursting with life, each offering an abundance of things to see and do. As you explore the streets, take advantage of the plethora of hidden gems and visit the boutiques and high-end restaurants that neatly reside beside resplendent parks and rustic eateries. What makes Asia Holidays so delightful is the melting pot of cultures which paint its cities with a colourful array of Western, Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences that are evident in the food, fashions and architecture.

Mighty Fine Asia Holidays

Savour the vibrant east on Asia Holidays

Our cruises combine the splendours of Asian cities with the relaxing seclusion of quieter locations to create magnificent, unique holidays. During extensive tours of this impressive continent, guests are invited to explore regions including Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket and Malacca. The Mighty Fine Company provides escorted sightseeing tours, sailing trips and days at leisure to fill with whatever activities appeal to you most. Visit museums, markets and designer shops, and sample the delectable and varied menus of each destination. The variety of excursions included in our Asia Holidays itineraries is immense, with guests enjoying stops at pristine beaches alongside the opportunity to absorb the art and culture of various cities and towns. Highlights of our tours include a trip to the Phi Phi Islands which were the stunning backdrop for Danny Boyle’s renowned film, The Beach, and a guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Malacca in Malaysia.

Luxury Accommodation

Our Asia Holidays are completed by the luxurious accommodation on each tour. Travel in style onboard a first-rate cruise ship as we sail effortlessly from one destination to the next. Enjoy freshly prepared meals from expert chefs and take advantage of the outstanding facilities of the exquisitely designed, purpose-built liners. Each hotel has been chosen to ensure guests benefit from comfort and outstanding customer service.

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