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Azores: Holidays and Adventures

See natural wonders on our Azores Holidays

The perfect choice for an unforgettable destination, the Azores archipelago has received a host of notable awards for its natural beauty, sustainability and incredible features. With accolades ranging from being named the eighth best summer destination by National Geographic to one of the best destinations in the world by Lonely Planet, the Azores islands really are the holiday location of a lifetime! The islands have also been named one of the top ten whale watching destinations by the Sunday Telegraph, the world’s number one sustainable tourism destination and home to one of the top five most appealing volcanic destinations in the world. Our selection of Azores Holidays not only allows you to discover the unforgettable views for yourself, they introduce you to the islands’ most incredible pursuits: whale watching and volcano walking!

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Unrivalled Scenery on Azores Holidays

Scenic beauty abounds on our Azores Holidays

The volcanic origin of the islands is plain to see upon arrival in the Azores; towering peaks rise from otherworldly lava fields and sapphire lakes fill calderas across the landscape, guaranteeing a breathtaking view where ever you are in archipelago. Surrounding these magnificent formations is the verdant woodland that only compliments the geological features. The valleys and hills of the islands are filled with carefully selected walking trails, offering you every chance to explore the incomparable beauty of this little known idyllic destination on all Azores Holidays.

With 120 geological sites across the archipelago, the Azores provide ample opportunity to gain a fascinating insight into its own unique natural history, as well as simply taking in the unforgettable views that these breathtaking formations offer. For nature of a different kind, the islands are home to an abundance of wildlife. From the many inhabitants of the forested regions to the sensational range of marine life in the glistening waters surrounding the islands, there’s always something to observe here. Of course, the biggest wildlife draw to the Azores is the many species of migratory whales so frequently found around the islands. A sighting of one of these mighty animals on Azores Holidays is an experience not soon forgotten!

Our Favourites

All of the islands offer their own unique charms, but travelling from island to island each day can take up a substantial part of Azores Holidays. This is why we’ve selected our favourite two destinations for adventures here: Pico and São Miguel. Between them, they provide the best of the Azores’ main attractions without losing any time travelling!

Azores Holidays in Pico

One of the wildlife hotspots of the archipelago and a great choice for Azores Holidays, Pico is home to an abundance of fauna and has an intriguing history with the cetacean species that visit its coast. Formerly a major whaling port, the island has become one of the best destinations for whale watching in the region and is now firmly dedicated to the protection of the species. This history can be explored at the Whaling Museum on Pico on our whale watching tours. As well as the wildlife, the island hosts an incredible assortment of flora, much of it endemic, that only heightens the ambiance of an unspoilt island paradise that every visitor to Pico experiences.

Azores Holidays in São Miguel

Boasting some of the Azores most awe-inspiring natural formations, São Miguel offers the unique opportunities to venture inside volcanic craters! The breathtaking twin lakes of Sete Cidades are located inside a caldera, with the cliffs rising as high as 500 metres around it! The lakes are beautiful and fascinating in equal measure as, despite being separated by just a bridge, one lake is a glistening blue while the other is a beautiful green. This site alone demonstrates the incredible geological formation and history of the island, and it’s not alone. Peppered with fumaroles, calderas, lava tubes and naturally heated water, São Miguel is the ideal choice for a geological discovery on your Azores Holidays.

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