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Azores Whale Watching

Visit the Azores for Whale Watching and take your chance to enjoy the sight of a lifetime

Azores Whale Watching breaks are suitable for all travel enthusiasts, particularly nature lovers, as they combine the incredible chance of seeing some of the world’s most magnificent creatures with a getaway to a breathtaking location. The perfect way to get out and see the sensational creatures of the deep is on a visit to the Azores for a Whale Watching break in a unique destination. You’ll be taken out by an experienced local guide in a six meter inflatable boat with a rigid hull that allows you to travel quickly and safely to the animals without disturbing them, causing them to move away. Your guide will take you to the local hotspots for sightings and survey the water for indications of whales; hopefully you’ll have caught sight of one of the many cetaceans before too long.

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Why Pick Pico?

The second largest Azores island; Pico, is known as the ‘Black Island’ locally due to its fascinating black lava formations which provide plenty of opportunities to capture the perfect holiday shots for the photography enthusiasts amongst you. But the main attraction on breaks to the Azores for Whale Watchingis, of course, the possibility of seeing one or more of the range of cetacean species roaming Pico’s shores. Frequently seen are Sperm Whales; Northern Bottlenose Whales; Pilot Whales; Orca Whales and Sowerby’s Beaked Whales. With such a variety of marine life in the region, your chances at getting an unforgettable sight of one of these astounding animals are good. And, if that wasn’t enough, there are also numerous types of dolphin often seen around Pico. Common Atlantic Bottlenose; Risso; Atlantic Spotted and Striped Dolphins are all possible to spot when you go to the Azores for a Whale Watching tour.

Explore the Island

Discover the stunning island of Pico in the Azores on Whale Watching holidays

When you’re not on the lookout for marine life in the Azores on a Whale Watching holiday, you can enjoy the many attractions of Pico. Their UNESCO Listed vineyards are a must-see, along with the volcanic mountain it’s named for: Ponta do Pico, or Montanha do Pico. This mountain is the highest point in Portugal at an amazing 2350m, it’s impossible not to see this majestic formation as it’s visible from most places on the island. Or, in keeping with the whale watching theme, visit the Whalers Museum in Lajes for a fascinating insight into the history of whale hunting on Pico and its development into wildlife watching tours.

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