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Bear Watching

Meet the creatures on our Bear Watching holidays

Some of nature’s most magnificent animals and sought after wildlife sightings are the iconic bears living in Canada, Finland and the Arctic. And with the Mighty Fine Company’s range of Bear Watching holidays you have an incredible chance to catch sight of the amazing Brown Bears of Finland, the Grizzly Bears of Canada and the Polar Bears of the far north, also known as the Kings of the Arctic!

If bear watching sounds like just your thing, take a look at our full range of bear watching holidays or, for a little more guidance, check out our bear watching holiday ideas!

Brown Bear Watching

Brown Bear Watching takes you out into the forests of Finland’s Wild Taiga where you’ll enter a hide in a prime location for sightings. Photography enthusiasts will love the chance to capture some breathtaking wildlife shots and nature lovers will be awed by the discovery of this majestic creature in its natural environment.

Finland: Wild Brown Bear Adventure Holiday

Discover Bear Watching in Finland and search for these mighty creatures in the Wild Taiga

Wildlife watching short break, in Europe’s last, untamed wilderness, with a night in a forest hide and two nights in a hotel. Not many people get the chance to see these fantastic animals in their natural surroundings, but our Brown Bear Watching,...

4 Days From £907

Grizzly Bear Watching

Grizzly Bears

A Grizzly Bear Watching adventure takes you into the wilderness of Canada in the hopes of spotting one of the world’s most famous bears.

These iconic giants can range from 5 to 8ft long and weigh around 56 stone, that's over 5 times the weight of the average man! They’re a top-of-the-food-chain predator and have been clocked at speeds of 30mph!

Needless to say, catching a glimpse of this astonishing predator is the dream of any Bear Watching holidaymaker.

Canada: Bears, Whales and Wildlife of Western Canada

Wildlife Holiday in British Columbia in search of Canada's famous bears and whales

A two week, wildlife adventure, searching for the famous bears and whales of British Columbia. Set out in search of the magnificent creatures of west Canada on this unforgettable fly drive Wildlife Holiday in British Columbia. Look for the...

Polar Bear Watching

The highlight of any journey to the Arctic would be a sighting of the mighty Polar Bears that inhabit it. These unforgettable creatures roam the ice floes of the far north and are one of the world’s most fearsome predators thanks to their incredible size; up to 8ft long and weighing in at up to 111 stone, two times as heavy as the Grizzly and an astonishing 10 times the weight of a man! However, safety on our Arctic Bear Watching tours is paramount and guides will never venture close enough to the animals to pose any risk. This doesn’t detract from the experience though; sometimes called the King of the Arctic, this enormous animal is a breathtaking sight whether it’s hunting, walking or resting. If you’re especially lucky you may get to see a female with the typical two cubs and observe how she cares for her young in the wild. One of the best locations to see Polar Bears is Spitsbergen; the main island of the Svalbard archipelago off the northern coast of Norway. This icy realm is home to roughly 3000 of the animals and is an ideal destination for a Bear Watching adventure in the Arctic. Canada is also a fantastic site as it is so far north.

Canada: Polar Bear Enthusiast

A Polar Bear Watching Holiday introducing you to Eskimo culture and taking you onto the Tundra

Action-packed, eight day, small group, adventure with three Tundra Buggy safaris searching for Polar Bears along the Hudson Bay coastline. The majestic Polar Bear is a stunning creature that most of us only dream of seeing. You can, however, make...

Time to Explore

While the focus of Bear Watching holidays is, of course, the chance to see these amazing creatures, there’s plenty more to discover while you’re away. For starters, there’s the host of other wildlife to discover in these regions; from lynx and wolverines in Finland to seals and maybe even whales in Spitsbergen. But beyond the fauna of the countries, these holidays offer a unique opportunity to truly immerse yourself in breathtaking natural environments. The epic taiga forest of Finland, for example, is awe-inspiringly different from normal woodland and is a location that is impossible to forget. And at the other end of the scale, the glaciers, fjords and mountains of Spitsbergen provide a stunningly different taste of life in one of the world’s most remote regions as well as the unique Bear Watching opportunities you can discover there.

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Whichever Bear Watching holiday you choose, you can be assured of an unforgettable experience. So, take a look at the range of holidays on offer, and plan the adventure of a lifetime.

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