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Bear Watching Holidays : Canada

A Polar Bear emerges on our Bear Watching Holidays in Canada

Whether you wish to witness the majesty of the Grizzly Bear among blossoming summer landscapes or you yearn to catch a glimpse of the mighty Polar Bear strolling through snow-topped terrains, our Bear Watching Holidays in Canada are not to be missed.

Discover the beauty of nature and the amazing power of its creatures on these fabulous getaways. Canada is simply amazing and you'll be able to sample its many delights during your time here.

Bear Watching Holidays in Canada: Wandering Wildlife

There is something incomparably thrilling about seeing wildlife in its natural habitat and when you embark on one of our sensational for our Bear Watching Holidays in Canada, you will be able to see Black and Grizzly Bears as they wander among the incredible Canadian landscapes. Don’t let their endearing fur-covered features fool you though, these animals are predators as our experienced guides will explain. During many of our for our Bear Watching Holidays in Canada, you will also have the opportunity to marvel at the grace of dolphins and whales when you venture out into Canadian waters on a marine wildlife excursion.

The Polar Bear Experience

As autumn approaches Hudson Bay, Polar Bears begin to appear as they await the formation of ice upon the sea. Aboard purpose-built vehicles you will cruise over the icy terrains in search of the magnificent Polar Bear. Watch from the safety of a Tundra Buggy® as the Polar Bears play, fight and hunt on the picturesque shores of Hudson Bay in the idyllic town of Churchill. Keen photographers will not want to miss the opportunity to capture incredible images of these bears, so make sure you pack plenty of spare batteries for your camera!

The Northern Lights in Canada

The amazing Aurora on our Bear Watching Holidays in Canada

Glance up at the skies, above this sub-Arctic location, on our Bear Watching Holidays in Canadaand you may witness the stunning displays of the Aurora Borealis.

Dancing across the night, the Northern Lights swirl in mesmerising colours against Canada’s beautiful winter scenery. Enjoy an abundance of natural highlights when you embark on a fantastic for our Bear Watching Holidays in Canada.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you are searching for a break that combines wildlife excursions with cultural insights, book one of our exciting Canadian holidays. Not only will you be able to appreciate the stunning vistas of remote locations, you can also enjoy the cosmopolitan comforts of vibrant cities such as Winnipeg. If you have time, explore this incredible location: sample local cuisine at high-end restaurants and charming cafés, discover the area’s intriguing history in local museums and enjoy the artistic delights of the city’s galleries. Most of our for our Bear Watching Holidays in Canada include free days where you can simply wander at leisure or are welcome to book additional (chargeable) activities, such as skiing and tobogganing.

A Different Kind of Holiday

Canada is the perfect honeymoon destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature–lovers alike.  Add to the mix an appearance from the Northern Lights and your romantic trip will be complete. Couples, families and friends will delight in every aspect of exciting adventure breaks, so why wait to book when you could be enjoying the trip of a lifetime sooner than you think?

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Arranging your holidays couldn’t be simpler and, should you need assistance, our dedicated travel advisers are just a phone call away. Browse our breathtaking range of for our Bear Watching Holidays in Canada and start planning the adventure of a lifetime!

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