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Bear Watching : Europe

Observe these mighty creatures when you go Bear Watching in Europe

What could be more magical than the sight of brown bears, just 20 or so metres away from you, roaming the beautiful Finnish countryside, searching for food and socialising in groups? This is the kind of experience you can look forward to on our holidays Bear Watching in Europe.

No matter what kind of Bear Watching Europe break you are looking for, we’re sure to have something to suit. If you’re a real wildlife lover and would like to encounter a whole host of different creatures during your stay, our eight day break is the perfect choice. Offering the chance to see elk, reindeer, lynx, beaver and wolverine as well, of course, as the mighty bears themselves, this amazing itinerary sees you spending four nights in the fabulously comfortable bear hides. The only thing you need to remember here is to take your camera – after all, the chance of some great wildlife shots is undeniably high!

The Brown Bear

Finland has a population of around 1600 brown bears which are distributed throughout the country. Population density varies, however, but the core of the Finnish population is in the south east. Despite a healthy population nowadays, Brown Bears were very close to extinction in northern Europe in the 20th century, reaching an all-time population low in Finland in the 1920s. These days, with migration from Russsia, the Wild Taiga of Finland is alive with these stunning creatures and thus, this part of the world is a fabulous location for Bear Watching in Europe.

Although Brown Bears are generally solitary animals, summer is a great time to embark on a break to go Bear Watching in Europe as this is the time you can spot family groups of mothers tending their cubs. Cubs are generally born in January or February whilst mothers are hibernating and so the summer months see the little ones enjoying the throws of youth, being active, playful and a touch independent whilst retaining their ‘teddy-like’ characteristics.

Fun-Filled Short Breaks

Take in the sights of the forest from carefully positioned hides on Bear Watching in Europe holidays

If you’re short on time you can still enjoy a spot of Bear Watching in Europe. We have two, four day itineraries where you get to spend time in some superbly positioned hides and make the most of the long summer days here. There’s time to learn all about the bears at a local nature centre before moving towards the Russian border for your spotting experience.

One of our short breaks here focusses on families with an itinerary that guards against boredom by limiting the amount of time you spend in quiet contemplation and ensuring little ones get enough time to sleep so you can all enjoy your break.

Fly Drive Fun

If you like to be in the driving seat on your holiday abroad, our Bear Watching Europe fly drive break is the one for you. Taking in a selection of National Parks and nature reserves, you’ll come to appreciate the true beauty of Finland and its many resident creatures.

Arctic Adventures

For a different kind of experience Bear Watching in Europe, how about travelling to Svalbard on our Kingdom of the Polar Bear Cruise? Organised bear watching tours are not allowed here but, as this area boasts more bear than human residents, the chances of some great sightings are very good!

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