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Bear Watching Holiday Ideas

Let our Bear Watching Holiday Ideas guide you to natures giants

The world is full of stunning creatures, but none quite like the bear. These majestic giants are rarely seen in real life, usually only on television, and are an animal that many can only dream of seeing. These Bear Watching Holiday Ideas however, allow you to get up close and personal with these remarkable beasts, making that dream a reality!

Visit Finland and encounter the country’s national animal, the brown bear, as it forages for food. Head to Canada and marvel at the giant, white polar bears, breathtaking black bears and the world-famous grizzly bears.

See many other animal species whilst searching for these remarkable creatures. Lynx and wolverines are known to frequent Finland whereas you are more likely to encounter whales and seals in Spitsbergen.

Now you’ve decided that you want to take a bear watching holiday, you may be having trouble deciding which trip is the right one for you. To help, we’ve come up with some Bear Watching Holiday Ideas which will hopefully inspire you to find your ideal trip.

And don’t worry if what you want isn’t amongst these Bear Watching Holiday Ideas as we specialise in tailor made holidays. Simply, let us know your preferences on 0333 800 2033 and we’ll do our best to organise the perfect trip for you.

Adventures in Finland’s Wild Taiga During the Summer

See stunning cubs with our Bear Watching Holiday Ideas

Head to Finland’s Wild Taiga Forest where you’ll discover brown bears in abundance. These stunning creatures are the country’s national animal with around 1600 known to reside here. The Petola Nature Centre provides excellent information on tracking bears and the preservation of these great species.

Summer is a fantastic time to visit Finland as bears hibernate during the winter and therefore, are unlikely to be seen. Cubs as usually born in either January or February meaning that wildlife enthusiasts who travel during the summer months will get to enjoy watching the new-borns at play. The excellent season also brings the remarkable midnight sun, an awe-inspiring vision. Take a look at the following Bear Watching Holiday Ideas and discover the amazing brown bears of Finland.

Finland: Wild Brown Bear Adventure Holiday

Discover Bear Watching in Finland and search for these mighty creatures in the Wild Taiga

Wildlife watching short break, in Europe’s last, untamed wilderness, with a night in a forest hide and two nights in a hotel. Not many people get the chance to see these fantastic animals in their natural surroundings, but our Brown Bear Watching,...

4 Days From £907

Finland: Bear Watching Holiday in the Wild Taiga of Finland

Venture on a Finland Bear Watching holiday and discover the magnificent creatures of the Wild Taiga

Eight day, full board, break featuring four nights in a bear watching hide in Europe’s last, untamed wilderness. Located in eastern Finland, the Wild Taiga is a rugged wilderness where extraordinary wildlife roams freely in enchanting forests....

Finland: Family Wildlife Watching Holiday

A Family Wildlife Watching Holiday in a stunning destination

Four day, half board, family wildlife watching break in Europe’s last, untamed wilderness. Search for the native wildlife of Finland's Wild Taiga on an unforgettable Family Wildlife Watching Holiday. Enjoy guided excursions into this incredible...

4 Days From £1072

Summer Bear Watching in the Canadian Fjords

Discover the black bears of Canada with our Bear Watching Holiday Ideas

Canada is rife with black and grizzly bears throughout the summer season. The famous grizzly bear is usually five to eight feet tall and weighs around 56 stone – five times the average man! The black bear, in contrast, is smaller, with the largest recorded weighing around 40 stone. Both of these giant creatures are found in North America. Our holidays allow you to get up close to the outstanding creatures as you head out on tracking expeditions. Have a look at the Bear Watching Holiday Ideas below and see if you can be inspired to find your perfect wildlife adventure.

Canada: Bears, Whales and Wildlife of Western Canada

Wildlife Holiday in British Columbia in search of Canada's famous bears and whales

A two week, wildlife adventure, searching for the famous bears and whales of British Columbia. Set out in search of the magnificent creatures of west Canada on this unforgettable fly drive Wildlife Holiday in British Columbia. Look for the...

Canada: Self Drive Tour of the Canadian Fjords and the Sunshine Coast

Canada Sunshine Coast Self Drive Holiday with fjords, Black Bears and whales

Exciting 13 day self drive holiday, with 11 days taking in the Canadian Fjords, Black Bears and whales. Discover the best of British Columbia in Canada on a Sunshine Coast Self Drive Holiday as you see this sensational location by land and water!...

Spitsbergen Summer & Autumn Voyages

These Bear Watching Holiday Ideas allow you to get up close and personal with majestic polar bears

Polar bears are often found in sub-zero temperatures and Spitsbergen is no exception. These fascinating creatures can be found on this snow-covered land during the summer and autumn months. With over 3,000 polar bears in the Svalbard Archipelago, you’re almost guaranteed to encounter these stunning beasts. Check out these Bear Watching Holiday Ideas and meet the mighty giants yourself.

Spitsbergen: Kingdom of the Polar Bear

Set sail on a Spitsbergen Cruise in the realms of the polar bear

Amazing ten day holiday featuring an eight day cruise exploring the Arctic landscape of Spitsbergen and looking for magnificent local wildlife such as the mighty Polar Bear. Relax on board as you soak up the outstanding natural beauty of the...

Spitsbergen: Islands and Polar Bear Cruise

This Arctic Wildlife Cruise pays homage to the stunning beauty of this remote area

Fascinating 10 day cruise from bustling Tromso to the Spitsbergen wilderness, calling in on some of the remotest islands in the Spitsbergen archipelago and exploring the bewitching wildlife highlights of the Norwegian coast. This captivating...

Winter Wildlife Discoveries

Travel via Tundra Buggy in search of polar bears with our Bear Watching Holiday Ideas

Head to Canada for a winter bear watching holiday and discover remarkable polar bears in the midst of the wilderness. These Arctic giants stand at around eight feet on their hind legs and weigh around 110 stone – which is 10 ten times the average man! ‘The King of the Arctic’ is known for being inquisitive and will love the chance to get up close to your Tundra Buggy with any of the following Bear Watching Holiday Ideas. Take a look.

Canada: Polar Bear Photography Holiday

A fantastic Polar Bear Photography Holiday, enjoy unique opportunities to observe these magnificent creatures

An action-packed, nine day, small group, photography break, with five day trips on the Tundra Buggy searching for stunning Polar Bears in their natural habitat. Are you an amateur photographer keen to take the shot of a lifetime? On our Polar Bear...

Canada: Polar Bear Enthusiast

A Polar Bear Watching Holiday introducing you to Eskimo culture and taking you onto the Tundra

Action-packed, eight day, small group, adventure with three Tundra Buggy safaris searching for Polar Bears along the Hudson Bay coastline. The majestic Polar Bear is a stunning creature that most of us only dream of seeing. You can, however, make...

And There’s More!

Be amazed by the bears you'll witness with our Bear Watching Holiday Ideas

Not blown away by the Bear Watching Holiday Ideas? Don’t worry, we specialise in tailor made holidays and we want you to have the best possible holiday possible. So, let us know if you would like a shorter or longer break, if you would like to focus more or less on bear watching or any other preference you may have and we’ll do our utmost to organise it for you. Speak to us on 0333 800 2033 or using the online chat system (available during office hours).

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