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Bear Watching : Scandinavia

Brown Bears in Finland on Bear Watching in Scandinavia holidays

For the vast majority of us, the only time we get to see bears enjoying their natural habitat is on TV or the big screen. These images are simply magical, offering a taste of life away from the hustle and bustle of modern day living. So just imagine seeing those sights in real life, being able to show your family and friends the photographs you have taken of these magnificent creatures going about their business and living life in the wild.

Our Brown Bear Watching Scandinavia holidays take you to the most amazing locations to see these creatures in their natural habitat. Staying in comfortable hides, you’ll watch them as they hunt for food, socialise in groups and explore the amazing landscape. Naturally patience is a must on such holidays as the bears will come to you in their own time but, if your children are old enough to appreciate the beauty of this encounter, we have an itinerary especially adapted for families which will give your little ones an experience they’ll remember forever.

Short on Time?

Who says that wildlife watching holidays have to be long, intense experiences? We feature two, different, four day breaks, Bear Watching in Scandinavia and each offers ample opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in the wild.

On our standard Bear Watching in Scandinavia itinerary, you’ll learn all about the creatures in the Petola Nature Centre before moving closer to the Russian border where you will take to your comfortable hide and wait for the bears to appear. The hides here are equipped with seating areas and rest facilities, whilst drinks and snacks are on hand throughout the night. Don’t forget to bring your camera along for the experience as you may have the opportunity to get some amazing shots of these creatures in their natural habitat.

Our family itinerary for Bear Watching in Scandinavia follows a similar schedule to the standard version but, making the most of the long summer days in this part of the world, families spend a proportion – not all – of the night in the hide, allowing little ones to get some sleep before their final full day of fun in Finland.

The Full-On Experience

For the ultimate Bear Watching Scandinavia experience, it has to be our eight day tour. This wildlife extravaganza sees you spending four nights in the bear watching hides where you can hope to see the creatures within a distance of 10 to 30 metres. As well as the bears, however, this amazing itinerary gives you the opportunity to see a host of other resident creatures including reindeer, lynx and wolverine. Indeed, if you’re a real wildlife lover, there’s no better option.

The Freedom of the Open Road

Discover a range of species when you go Bear Watching in Scandinavia

If you like to be in full control of your time away, our Bear Watching Scandinavia Fly Drive itinerary could be just what you are looking for. This eight day break sees you driving from Kuopio, the cultural centre of Eastern Finland, to Rovaniemi, above the Arctic Circle. You’ll spend time visiting National Parks and Nature Reserves, looking for a host of creatures including bears, elk, reindeer, wolverine, lynx and wolves. This is a real journey of discovery and you’re sure to enjoy every minute.

Arctic Exploration

For a different kind of Bear Watching Scandinavia break, our Kingdom of the Polar Bear Cruise travels along the coast of Svalbard which boasts the world’s densest Polar Bear population. It is actually illegal to go Polar Bear watching here but, in an area where bears outnumber human residents by around 500, it is highly likely that you will encounter these magnificent creatures on this simply amazing voyage.

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