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Doomed Duncan and Hopeless Harriet

Duncan and Harriet are two perfectly normal names in the United Kingdom but if either is your moniker in Iceland, you’re in for a bumpy ride!

All children born in Iceland must be given one of the 1,853 female or 1,712 male names sanctioned by the government. If parents opt for a more adventurous name, they must apply for permission to use it. The list of approved names was published in 1996 in an effort to preserve the Icelandic language.

Up until recently, those with unapproved names were titled ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ on their passport, but changing legislation now means that an individual’s name has to appear on the document. This ruling caused significant problems for a British-Icelandic couple who needed to renew their children’s passports. Sadly, it looked like Duncan, Harriet and their parents would be going nowhere, as the Icelandic renewal was refused. A late application for emergency passports from the UK Embassy, however, managed to save the day!

To discover more about the traditions and culture of Iceland, travel to the 'Land of Fire and Ice' with us.

26. August 2014 by Emma Smith

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Amazing Animals in Awesome Autumn

Although many people think that spring is the ideal season for a wildlife watching holiday, autumn is also an exciting time to take your trip.

This great season marks a time when many animals start preparing for their winter hibernation meaning you’re more likely to see them foraging; you may even catch some creatures mid migration!

Our amazing selection of wildlife holidays invites you to track wolves in Sweden, see Brown Bears in Finland, search for stunning whales in Norway, encounter majestic Polar Bears in Canada or head to Africa and embark on the safari of a lifetime.

Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, part of a group or family, autumn is a great time to take a wildlife watching holiday.


22. August 2014 by Emma Smith

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Follow in the Footsteps of the Great Explorers

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous third Antarctica expedition – an expedition which saw a near disaster transformed into a story of heroics, dedication and determination.

Travelling on the ship 'Endurance', Shackleton set sail in 1914 planning to cross Antarctica via the South Pole. Within a matter of months, his ship became trapped in the ice and, ten months later, sank. More...

19. August 2014 by Joanne Wilson

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Have A Pint at the Pocket Rocket!

A small hot dog stand in northern Norway has been refurbished and made into the tiniest pub in the country.

The Rocket kiosk is only 4.6 square metres in size and can hold up to nine drinkers on the outdoor terrace. The pub enjoys a prime location in Tromso, a city known for its amazing Northern Lights spotting opportunities.

Pub-goers can still purchase the Rocket’s own-recipe hot dogs but now they can wash them down with an ice cold beer or a warming glass of sherry!

Why not pop into the pocket Rocket for a pint when you travel to Tromso with us to see the Northern Lights?

15. August 2014 by James Walker

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The Draw of the Paw

Dog lover Christine Meerman-Cooper of Fife, Scotland, embarked on the journey of a lifetime earlier this year as she travelled to Alaska for a 12 day husky safari.

In November last year Christine saw an advert on Facebook from the legendary dog musher Joe Henderson, calling for 12 people to join his expedition team. She applied, thinking she had no chance of being picked; but she was wrong!

Three weeks before the 33-year-old marketing consultant was to wed her fiancé, Tim Cooper, in Lapland last December, she received a call saying she would be joining Joe’s team. Elation filled her as her marriage took place in her Lappish snowy paradise, similar to the one she’d be travelling across in a few months’ time. More...

12. August 2014 by Emma Smith

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