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Pack like a Polar Explorer

Reindeer are perfectly adapted to the arctic and don't need to pack!Reindeer are perfectly adapted to the arctic and don't need to pack!

So you have got your cruise to the polar regions booked! Now it's time for the next part of the adventure, planning and packing like a polar explorer. So what do you need for your expedition?

Why not start by following our quick guide on how to pack like an explorer?

First there are three essentials we believe everyone, when travelling anywhere abroad, needs and though this may sound obvious, you would be surprised how many people forget them! They are: your tickets, your passport and your money. These three things mean you will get to your destination and have the flexibility to buy what you need en route or when you get there!

Next, anywhere you go, you should take: More...

30. August 2016 by James Walker

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Know Before You Go

Research shows that some 70% of people believe that looking into the local laws and customs of their travel destination, before they leave home, would make their holiday more enjoyable. So it comes as no surprise that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is encouraging UK travellers to ‘Know Before You Go!’

Each year British citizens are caught breaking laws overseas and, in the majority of cases, this is merely down to a lack of local knowledge. It is vital that anyone travelling overseas understands the laws of the country they are visiting and appreciates their customs and what is considered appropriate behaviour.

For all of the information you need on country specific laws and customs, take a look at this handy travel advice directory.

28. November 2014 by Joanne Wilson

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More Than a Feeling

‘What does it feel like to see the Northern Lights?’ It’s one of those questions we are often asked by customers planning a trip to see the Aurora and the one question, if we are honest, that’s practically impossible to answer.

Seeing the lights is a very personal and emotional experience. For some, it is quite literally breathtaking, whilst others find it an almost religious experience. According to Northern Lights photographer Pal Jakobsen, a native of Narvik, north Norway, the Aurora ‘cannot be described in words, it must be experienced.’ More...

21. November 2014 by Emma Smith

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Kermit Yourself to a Trip to Madagascar!

A new species of tree frog has been found in Madagascar by a student from the University of Bristol. The 'boophis ankarafensis' was identified by Samuel Penny during a student trip to the Sahamalaza Peninsula of Madagascar to study amphibians and the noises they make.

The frog is described as green with red speckles across its head and back. Adult males are around 24mm long and females 29mm long.

To see Madagascar's amazingly diverse creatures for yourself, plan your Mighty Fine trip to this magical island today!


14. November 2014 by James Walker

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Good Vibrations?

It’s one thing taking your job seriously, but, when it comes to scientific research, how many of us would go free diving with Sperm and Humpback Whales? Well, that’s exactly what a team of researchers have been doing in the Indian Ocean of late.

Dare Win is a group of researchers determined to get up close and personal to the creatures of the deep. Keen not to frighten the whales by using bulky equipment, the researchers – all experienced freedivers – can stay underwater for more than four minutes on just one breath of air. The whales are often attracted to the divers and have been allowing the visitors to join their pods for hours at a time.

It should not, of course, be forgotten than Sperm Whales, in particular, can be very dangerous. Weighing up to 45 tonnes and measuring some 18 metres long, they have 20cm long teeth and could swallow several humans in seconds - without even pausing to chew! That said, they aren’t generally interested in attacking humans unless, of course, they are being attacked themselves. More...

7. November 2014 by Emma Smith

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