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A Sighting

“There she blows!-there she blows! A hump like a snow-hill! It is Moby Dick!”

In recent years, whale watching has become a must do experience for many people. It's increasing popularity can help support many coastal communities as they transition away from whale hunting to tourism and at the Mighty Fine Company we offer whale watching holidays to some of the best destinations in the world, including the Azores, Canada, Iceland and Norway.

lazy seals in the straits of san juanOn a recent adventure to Vancouver (Canada), while we didn't see Moby Dick (and we would ever only go to watch him!), we were lucky enough to get some spectacular sightings of some magnificent mammals, off the coast of Victoria, Vancouver Island.

Close enough to witness some of the best wildlife sightings I can remember, our expert guides led us to the straits of San Juan where the whales were! As we travelled cautiously to several different points during our three hour journey, we saw countless seals sunning themselves on some of the smaller islands on our journey to the ocean. More...

22. August 2016 by Emma Smith

Just Got Back From…Norway in Autumn

Eagle and preyThe Northern Lights Sunsetin winter are one of the biggest attractions in Scandinavia and, having seen them myself, I completely understand why. But this year I wanted something a little different, so I decided to dodge the tourist traffic and head up to Vesterålen to take in the Aurora in autumn (yes, you can do that!).

So what can I share about the experience? Well first of all, it’s warmer in autumn than winter! This might seem obvious but trust me; it makes a big difference, not least because getting holiday photos is much easier when you’re not trying to operate the camera through three pairs of mittens! More...

18. October 2013 by James Walker

Just Got Back From Oslo

Oslo parliamentI must implore you, if you go on an Oslo city break, take comfortable footwear so you don’t miss out on any of the city’s incredible landmarks and sites. During the short time I was there, I managed to cram in visits to the Royal Palace, the scenic town of Holmenkollen and the historic Tjuvholmen. On arrival at Gardermoen Airport, I was immediately struck by its comforting ambience – it must be all the natural materials used to build it that give it an almost homely feel. Using public transport in a foreign country (or even the UK if I’m honest) is usually a daunting prospect, but after asking a transport attendant, “Snakker Du Engelsk?” (do you speak English?), he was happy to converse in fluent English and show me where to purchase tickets and how to use them on various types of transport on my Oslo city break. The bus, trams and metros are extremely efficient and very clean! More...

23. May 2013 by James Walker

Just Got Back from....Tromsø to Trondheim Voyage

Northern Lights on deck

This is the perfect holiday for those who want to combine a city break with outdoor pursuits. Tromsø is a city renowned for its stylish shops and hectic nightlife and I was pleased to sample a little of this while I was there. As this was a short trip, I wanted to make sure I crammed in as much as possible and took advantage of all the fabulous excursions. Without a doubt, husky dog sledding was one of the best things I have ever done! As soon as we arrived in Tromsø, we made our way to the dog sledding centre at Villmarkssenter where we were provided with thermal suits and boots. Although not the most fetching of outfits, you will be grateful for them, as to say it gets a bit chilly in these parts is a definite understatement! For an hour we were whisked over the snow-topped landscapes and were privy to some spectacular views over the city. After a visit to the dogs and pups at the husky farm, we were treated to a traditional Sámi meal of reindeer stew and chocolate cake. Full and in need of some relaxation after all the excitement of the husky sled, we returned to the hotel to await the arrival of the Trollfjord ship. It was amazing to be able to watch it dock from the viewing gallery at the hotel. Just after 1am we boarded the ship and began the first day of the voyage. More...

23. March 2013 by Emma Smith

Just Got Back From….the Alta Igloo Hotel

Alta Igloo HotelEntering its 14th incarnation, the Alta Igloo Hotel is my kind of hotel. On arrival, I couldn’t see the ice building. This was because the carefully carved structure is mostly hidden by the “warm building” which houses the reception area, changing facilities, conference rooms and restaurant. The minute I arrived, all I wanted to do was explore the hotel. Well, I say the hotel, I was actually mostly interested in perusing the dimensions and contents of the ice bar…and guess what? I was far from disappointed!

A few facts:

  • The Alta Igloo Hotel is an impressive 2000ft of snow and ice and attention to detail is magnificent, from the art and statues carved from ice that adorn the rooms and public areas, to the glasses in which our drinks were served in the ice bar.
  • This breathtaking hotel comprises an ice chapel, the ice bar, 30 bedrooms and multiple suites including an incredible honeymoon suite.
  • The interior temperature is between -4 and -7 degrees centigrade, but we were provided with insulated sleeping bags and slept on top of reindeer skins which kept us warm and comfortable.

9. February 2013 by James Walker

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Wednesday9:00am - 8:00pm
Thursday9:00am - 8:00pm
Friday9:00am - 8:00pm
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