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A First for Finland

Helsinki waterfront

There’s an amazing new exhibit waiting to be unveiled at Finland’s Espoo City Museum - an elaborate gold ring dating back to the Middle Ages.

The ring was uncovered by a local resident, sweeping a field with a metal detector and is the first of its kind to be discovered in the country. Similar finds in Sweden and Norway suggest the ring dates back to the mid-1300s and belonged to a high-ranking official, close to the crown.

More important than the discovery itself is the possibility that an ancient dwelling has been uncovered. Further investigation will take place to decide whether a full archaeological excavation is required.

The historic implications and research possibilities of the find render it priceless, though, of course, the museum has had to purchase it from the finder!

Finland has a rich historical heritage and although we can’t promise everyone the thrill of a major archaeological discovery, we can offer you fascinating insights into the region’s past on our UNESCO Baltic Capitals Tour. This wonderful cruise calls in on Helsinki which is just 20km from where the ring was found, giving you the perfect chance to share in the wonder of this exciting historical discovery.

17. October 2013 by Emma Smith

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