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The Grand Hotel Reykjavik

Look away now Richard Gottardo!

This amazing photograph of the Northern Lights shows their recent appearance over the luxurious Grand Hotel Reykjavik. As this shot was published, on the other side of the North Atlantic, Canadian photographer Richard had been camping out for three months, in temperatures of -37 degrees, to capture his own shots of this wondrous natural phenomenon! The appearance of the Northern Lights in Reykjavik city centre is testament to the fact that it is possible to see the lights without having to suffer for your art. The Grand Hotel Reykjavik, frequented by Mighty Fine Company customers, is one of the city’s highest structures, boasting fabulous views.

To maximise its potential, hotel owners have transformed one of its floors into a viewing platform. This is particularly popular in the winter months when visitors flock to Scandinavia, from all over the world, in the hope of catching a glimpse of the Aurora. There can be no doubt that wilderness locations provide the optimum viewing conditions for the Northern Lights but, if you’re looking to combine a little four star comfort with your star-gazing, you couldn’t ask for more.

So, if you fancy combining a fabulous city break with the chance to see the Aurora in comfort, pop over to http://www.mightyfinecompany.com/ and check out your options. Oh, and if you are reading this Richard, why don’t you book yourself a room too?

Please note: the effect of the Northern Lights is always stronger when viewed through a camera lens than with the naked eye.

21. June 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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