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Helsinki terminal

With some of the shortest transfer times of any European airport, Helsinki is a dream for travellers. Recognised for its great customer care and efficient approach, it has often been selected by passengers as one of the best in Europe.

All arrivals and departures are situated in the same building, distances between gates are short and there is just one main walkway linking all gates. As you’ll see from our map, it’s pretty much impossible to get lost here!

The airport has a friendly, stress free atmosphere and there’s a host of shops, cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

Indeed, when it comes to shopping, Helsinki airport is a great place to pick up your holiday souvenirs as many of our actual tour bases are relatively remote -concentrating on pure, unspoiled beauty rather than retail therapy!

Take a look around the airport shops, price up any souvenirs you would like to take home and then, if you can’t find the same items cheaper in your holiday destination, pick them up at the airport whilst awaiting your return flight.

The young and the young at heart will find many shopping temptations here ranging from an outlet selling educational gifts such as Astronaut Ice Cream, to a shop completely dedicated to The Moomins and, of course, Santa’s very own gift and toy store.

Other attractions in the airport include an art gallery, a photography gallery featuring images of celebrities who have travelled through Helsinki and a book swap area where you can leave behind any books you have read and exchange them for other pre-loved titles.

So you see, when it comes to travel, you really can’t go far wrong with wonderful Helsinki. And when you travel to Lapland with the Mighty Fine Company, you can experience it for yourself!

24. September 2013 by Emma Smith

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