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A Rise in Rudolph’s Ranks…

A rising sea level, melting icebergs and an ever increasing temperature – these are just some of the effects of climate change that have got the world shook up. There is one good thing to come out of it however, the population of Reindeer have increased in Norway!

These majestic animals are said to be thriving in the warmer climate as the countries crops are growing better and so, it is easier for them to find food.

A study was carried out by a team of scientists from The University of Manchester and The University of Tromsø. The researchers physically counted the herd in the valley of Adventdalen as part of a long term project. The 36 year study found that Svalbard Reindeer have grown from around 600 to an average of 1000 since the early 1980’s – this is a 30% increase!

Looks like Santa will have more help than ever this year! Take a look at our festive breaks and meet some of these amazing creatures.

31. July 2014 by Joanne Wilson

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