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Amazing Whale Facts!

Whale surfacing

Top Five Whale Facts

Whales are amazing – there’s no denying it, but did you know:

• The average Orca will eat roughly 500lbs of food every day. This includes a large variety of fish; squid; seals; sea lions; penguins; porpoises. On very rare occasions even polar bears and moose have been found in the stomachs of Orca whales. To put it in shopping terms, you’d have to buy (and eat) an astounding 546 tins of baked beans to keep up with Orca! Whale tail

• The term ‘whales’ actually encompasses all whales, porpoises and even dolphins. The Orca or ‘Killer Whale’ falls into the dolphin branch of the family. Its ability to travel at high speeds (up to 30mph) along with its streamline body shape are characteristics that result in the Orca being considered a true dolphin, whilst its size of up to 30 feet long makes it the largest species of dolphin in the world.

• The adult Sperm Whale has the largest brain on the planet, averaging at almost 8kg. This is over 6 times the size of the average human brain. That’s a brain over 1½ the size of the Blue Whale’s despite the fact that it outweighs the Sperm Whale by up to 100 tonnes!

• The Humpback Whale has one of the longest seasonal migrations of all animal species. The North Atlantic Humpbacks travel from their feeding grounds north of Norway down to their breeding grounds in the Caribbean, an incredible 10,000 mile round trip.

• The female Sperm Whale will spend over 60% of her life feeding in the deep ocean. It will spend an average of just 15 minutes a day in water shallow enough to be touched by the sun due to its ability to hold its breath for upwards of 90 minutes and dive back down at incredible speeds (550 feet per minute) after taking a breath.

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10. September 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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