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Cabin Fever is a Thing of the Past

There are many different types of log cabin available to us today. With everyone wanting one like they’ve ‘seen in the movies’ and so many companies selling different variations, this blog aims to explain the differences between the traditional Kelo cabins and the modern style ones so that you can make sure you get exactly what you want next time you book a log cabin holiday.

Kelo Log Cabins

Kelo log cabins were the original designs. As they’re made using whole logs which are dried out naturally in the Arctic Circle, the wood is unlikely to warp or bend and is highly weather resistant. This means that they are very aesthetically pleasing and authentic but, unfortunately, are now very expensive as it takes a long time for the wood to dry out. This type of cabin is made using whole, round logs which is now frowned upon as it is deemed as an inefficient use of materials and they often do not meet current building regulations making them an extremely rare treat. As the walls aren’t flat, it is very difficult to get a cosy interior feel as wallpaper and decorations cannot be easily hung. Originally, this type of cabin had very little insulation as the tools for wood cutting which we use today had not been invented and so, mud and leaves were used to fill the gaps in a process called daubing. Also, oiled paper was placed over window shaped holes in order to let in some sunlight. These cabins are typically equipped with a comforting log fire and private sauna and, due to their capability to last for a long time and their rarity, are often deemed the best.

Modern Log Cabins

Modern log cabins are often seen with lapped boards or squared off planks of wood. The pieces are cut to size so that they fit together perfectly and leave no space for draft. This efficient use of wood keeps costs low and means that they are in keeping with current building regulations. These cabins are often painted as the wood is a drab, grey colour underneath. As the interior is flat, they can be decorated as you like and could reflect anywhere in the world if you wished them to. They are much more common nowadays than the traditional Kelo log cabins.

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29. July 2014 by James Walker

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