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Capture the Magic of Autumn

If you’re exploring the wonders of Scandinavia this autumn and want to bring home some fabulous photographic memories, here are just a few, handy hints on capturing the magic of the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!

  • When framing your shot, look for paths and tracks, surrounded by autumn foliage, or an avenue of trees to draw your eye through the scene
  • Ignore the usual advice about shooting with the sun at your back. Photographing a colourful woodland scene looking towards the sun will make the leaves incandescent and also gives you the opportunity to shoot atmospheric shafts of light through the trees.
  • Look up to capture a canopy of leaves and tall trunks reaching towards the sky
  • Look down on the autumnal kaleidoscope of brown, yellow and red leaves and, if you are lucky, you may see the odd mushroom
  • Zoom in and isolate a particularly beautiful leaf with a blurry autumnal background
  • Visit lakes early in the morning for windless conditions when the water’s surface is like a mirror - perfect for catching reflections
  • Capture streams and rivers in the early morning to see mist steaming off the water
  • When photographing seascapes, a low sun, clouds, mist and a stormy sea provide the perfect building blocks for a magnificent shot

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13. October 2014 by James Walker

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