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Cave is Where the Heart is!

After a long, hard day at work or school what could be better than going home to your nice warm house and sleeping in your big comfy bed? Well, Norwegian teenager Ida Beate Løken has given all of that up in the hope of reducing her environmental impact.

Ida, a student at Sogn Agriculture and Horticulture School, moved into a cave in May last year. Aside from a sleeping bag and the clothes on her back, she left all of her earthly possessions at home with her parents. A true inspiration, she claims that, since living in a cave, she has learnt to survive without high-tech gadgets, something which would be extremely difficult for most teenagers nowadays.

With only a cat for company, she keeps herself busy with resourceful activities like catching rain in a bowl so she can drink and brush her teeth. A strong candidate for the Green Youth party in the Sogn og Fjordane county of Norway, she disparagingly refers to herself as ‘young, green and stupid.’ In the interests of the planet, we would certainly delete the stupid!

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8. August 2014 by Emma Smith

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