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Cheap Tat like the Viking Hat

When you go away it’s traditional that you bring your friends and family a little something back. Cheesy souvenirs are a part of any holiday. But Sweden have some of the cheesiest on offer! Why not take a look at my top four cringe-worthy souvenirs from Sweden and see how many you own?

In any country, the t-shirt with a crude, unwitty slogan or a cheap looking flag can be found. But in Sweden you’ll see the likes of ‘I love Swedish girls’, enough to make anyone cringe!

The horned Viking hat. Usually made of cheap plastic and worn by drunk men of stag dos. Quite comical and even more so when they’re accompanied with the stereotypical blond plaits. But I’d be upset if this was that special something someone chose to bring me back.

Another awful souvenir which seems to be getting more and more popular throughout the world is crocs! Souvenir stands are now selling them with themed colours to cash in on this comfy show trend. Yellow and blue shoes may be a little too striking for me!

Apparently, this is biggest selling souvenir of all in Sweden is the Dala Horse. They come in all shapes in sizes – you could fit one in your pocket or you could get one that you’d probably have to buy another plane ticket for. Whatever floats your boat!

Pick up your own souvenirs (hopefully a bit better than these ones!) on Sweden holidays with the Mighty Fine Company.

12. June 2014 by James Walker

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