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Sunset at Montmajour

We’ve all seen TV antiques and valuation shows and I’m sure many of us have had the same thought: ‘I wish I had that in my loft!’ Well, for one Norwegian family, this wish came true when they discovered a genuine Van Gough in their attic!

The landscape painting ‘Sunset at Montmajour’ has been confirmed by the Van Gough Museum to be genuine and has been valued at tens of millions of dollars, probably enough to make dear old David Dickinson consider a move to Norway!

The real kicker, however, is that in 1991 the Van Gough Museum rejected the piece, claiming it wasn’t his work. And that wasn’t its first knock back either; the original purchaser, Christian Nicolai Mustad, bought the picture in 1908 but, on being told by a French diplomat that it was a fake, he put it away in the attic. Sunset at Montmojour has been denied as a real Van Gough three times in total and every time has been returned to the loft.

Now though, detailed examination has identified the painting as one of Van Gough’s works from the summer of 1888, when he was painting near Arles. The piece will go on display to the public on the 24th September in the Van Gough Museum, a welcome change from its century long home in a dusty attic!

19. September 2013 by James Walker

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