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European Christmas Markets

European Christmas MarketsIt used to be that Christmas would not long have passed and I would find myself already exhausted by the mere thought of its return. Each year I would make a promise to whisk myself away to some far flung destination to flee the crowds of shoppers. I adore the festive countdown and the family get- togethers that accompany the season and so I would not have wanted to miss the day altogether, but what was the solution? The answer presented itself when I was given the opportunity to experience the delights of the European Christmas markets. A visit to the assortment of rustic temporary cabins enabled me to “kill two birds with one stone” as it were, by combining a well-earned break with shopping for seasonal gifts for my loved ones. I have now fallen under the spell of Christmas markets with their candlelit stalls that offer aromatic sweets in every colour imaginable, traditional carved toys and intriguing curios. Nothing enlivens the spirit of Christmas more than the aroma of roasting chestnuts and the sounds of busking choirs singing in harmony as you wind your way over the cobbled streets of Prague or Vienna. In my experience, to truly imbibe the spirit of the season, one must indulge in an authentic European Christmas market overseas. During winter, the festive markets are of course ubiquitous in the UK, yet the locations that boast the most exquisite markets are undoubtedly the ones that successfully combine sensational architecture with a resounding sense of history. Vienna, Prague and Budapest play host to some of the finest European Christmas markets and in my opinion, as yuletide breaks become ever popular, it is important to book through a reputable company. You will find superlative Christmas holidays and unforgettable European Christmas markets on the Mighty Fine Company’s website.

24. November 2012 by Joanne Wilson

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