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Five Things People Never Tell You About The Northern Lights

Northern Lights Kirkenes

There’s always a lot of talk about the Northern Lights but frequently, the most important things are left unsaid. Here are a few pointers you’ll find handy when looking for the Aurora - as well as a couple of facts to throw into general conversation and impress your friends!

• Although most people travel to see the Lights between December and April, they usually appear from August. September is expected to experience some great activity this year

• Many people worry about competing light sources affecting their view of the Aurora. The main problem, however, is actually cloud cover so it is a good idea to rely on local knowledge of the microclimate to identify the viewing areas least affected by cloud

Northern Lights Norway

• The vibrant colours of the Northern Lights are mainly caused by burning gases

• An all red Aurora is very unusual and only occurs when the Lights are over 200 miles above the earth

• The word Aurora comes from the Roman goddess of dawn, while Borealis is named after the Greek word for wind

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8. August 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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