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Pack like a Polar Explorer

Reindeer are perfectly adapted to the arctic and don't need to pack!Reindeer are perfectly adapted to the arctic and don't need to pack!

So you have got your cruise to the polar regions booked! Now it's time for the next part of the adventure, planning and packing like a polar explorer. So what do you need for your expedition?

Why not start by following our quick guide on how to pack like an explorer?

First there are three essentials we believe everyone, when travelling anywhere abroad, needs and though this may sound obvious, you would be surprised how many people forget them! They are: your tickets, your passport and your money. These three things mean you will get to your destination and have the flexibility to buy what you need en route or when you get there!

Next, anywhere you go, you should take:

  • a small backpack for daytrips
  • spare clothes but remember in the polar regions, dress for comfort and wartmth, it's not a fashion show!
  • any medication (make sure it's suitable for the conditions you use it in)
  • comfortable footwear with a good grip
  • a camera to take pictures of the amazing views and wildlife (spare memory cards too!)
Humans are recommended to use snowsuits on outdoor activitiesHumans are recommended to use snowsuits on outdoor activities.

As our destinations can be a little more challenging the list doesn't stop there. For our polar explorations we would also recommend:

  • a warm winter jacket to keep you cosy
  • a hat, scarf and a pair of gloves to ensure your vulnerable extremities are protected against the cold!
  • thermal under layers of a wicking material
  • thin woollen jumpers (being able to dress in layers is essential)
  • outdoor shoes with good soles
  • socks of various thickness so they can be layered too (wool is ideal)
  • sunglasses (because even thought it is cold, it doesn't mean the sun won't shine!)
  • and finally swimwear as you never know where there might be a sauna or jacuzzi to kick back and relax.
huskies perfectly at home in the arctic, humans well preparedHuskies here, perfectly at home in the arctic with well prepared humans!

Everyone is different and so there may be other items you would want to take, like a small torch for adventures in the dark, or binoculars to better spot wildlife, but we think our list above (recommended for trips to all our polar destinations) is as good a starting point for your list as any or you can read more on this page about packing for the arctic.

If you still haven't booked your polar adventure yet but after making it to the bottom of this post you would like to find our more, why not look for some inspiration on our Polar Holiday Ideas page.

30. August 2016 by James Walker

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