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Iceland Returns to the Big Screen

Viking boat

Iceland’s landscape makes it a film-maker’s dream so it comes as no surprise that a band of A-list celebrities will be spending time in the country soon on another filming mission.

Intersteller, the new film from Inception director Christopher Nolan, is believed to be set in a future where scientists journey to new dimensions in search of fertile land.

With its rugged terrains and other-worldly landscapes, Iceland is Nolan’s chosen location to create these effects on the big screen. Hence, the likes of Matt Damon, Anne Hathaway and Mathew McConaughey will be arriving there soon to start filming.

With a star-studded cast and incredible location, Intersteller is certainly one to watch but, if you can’t wait for the film, why not experience Iceland first hand on our amazing Scenic Road Trip from Reykjavik?

31. October 2013 by James Walker

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