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Tromso Harbour

Great news for visitors to Tromsø - winter whale watching is back! This fabulous experience was suspended three years ago when a lack of readily available food forced the creatures away. With shoals of herring moving back to the far north, however, customers of the Mighty Fine Company can, once again, enjoy this marvellous excursion.

Up until 2010, whale watching was a must for any winter visitor to Tromsø, the deep, nutrient-rich local waters were frequented by shoals of herring and thus the pods of whales followed. When herring migration patterns changed, though, the whales disappeared leaving many visitors disappointed…….but not anymore!

The beautiful coastal region around Tromsø is fringed with fjords, glaciers and majestic mountains, making for a glorious backdrop for whale watching tours. The ocean here is deep near the continental shelf, providing an ideal breeding ground for herrings – the staple diet of these giants of the sea.

Humpbacks, Killer Whales, Minke, Orcas and Fin Whales are all attracted to the area. Travelling in large pods, they make for a truly amazing sight. And as an added bonus, the whales are not the only fascinating residents of the deep here. Look out for the dolphins, otters and seals that also inhabit this beautiful region.

4. July 2013 by Emma Smith

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