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Living the Simple Life in Helsinki

When Helsinki-based documentary maker Petri Luukkainen put all of his possessions into storage, retrieving them at a rate of one per day to see how many things he really needed to live, the result was a fascinating film entitled ‘My Stuff’.

The film begins in the documentary-maker’s empty flat from where we see a naked Petri run across icy streets to recover his first item – an overcoat. In the following three days he retrieves shoes, a blanket and jeans.

‘My problem was that I had too much of everything,’ explained Petri. ‘All I wanted to do is get people to think about what they have and what they need, because it’s not something I thought about before I did this.’

Food for thought for those who long for a minimalist lifestyle, ‘My Stuff’ is available online and in selected cinemas.

To visit Helsinki, where the film is set – travelling light of course! - take a look at our UNESCO Baltic Capitals Tour.

1. May 2014 by Emma Smith

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