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Crown Snow Iso-Syote

Zooming through the forest around Iso-Syöte on a snowmobile is something of a dream-like experience. An experience all the more enhanced by the eerie sight of strange silhouettes, glimpsed at speeds that don’t allow for a proper look.

Is that really a stooping old man? Could that actually be a small child hiding in the forest? Oh my word, that has to be a polar bear!

I was sure I saw all these things and more when I visited this winter wonderland last year. It was, therefore, with some relief that I listened to our local guide explaining the concept of ‘Crown Snow’.

‘Crown Snow’ occurs when snow and ice collect on tree crowns in the forest. This mass then solidifies into pretty much whatever shape the elements choose. The result is simply amazing, like a gallery of sculpture in the wilderness.

What I had experienced on my snowmobile ride, therefore, was the art of nature - admittedly formed into more familiar shapes by the power of my imagination -but still truly awe-inspiring.

Thankfully, I was not the first to report such unusual sightings in the woods. Polar snow can, indeed, make a hedge look like a Polar Bear and a tree look like a giant. My sanity was intact!

Reading about crown snow is one thing but seeing it for yourself is something else indeed. I’d highly recommend a Winter Adventure Week to experience the wonder of nature first hand. There’s more than a touch of magic to be had here.

15. October 2013 by James Walker

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