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‘What does it feel like to see the Northern Lights?’ It’s one of those questions we are often asked by customers planning a trip to see the Aurora and the one question, if we are honest, that’s practically impossible to answer.

Seeing the lights is a very personal and emotional experience. For some, it is quite literally breathtaking, whilst others find it an almost religious experience. According to Northern Lights photographer Pal Jakobsen, a native of Narvik, north Norway, the Aurora ‘cannot be described in words, it must be experienced.’

‘I think that most people who experience the Northern Lights for the first time feel like they have experienced something great’ explains Pal. ‘ I have heard some people cry, some were even frightened when they saw the Northern Lights and I have also actually heard people say ‘now I can die’ after seeing the light for the first time.’

Our travel team, here at The Mighty Fine Company, refer to their Aurora experience as awe-inspiring, spine tingling and unforgettable. As to how you will you feel when you discover the magic for yourself on our Northern Lights breaks in Canada, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, only time will tell.

21. November 2014 by Emma Smith

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