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Music that Will Give You the Chills

When you think of a cool band who do you normally think of? The Rat Pack? The Beatles? Well, how about the Swedish group Ice Music who play instruments made from ice!

The group play their ‘ICE-struments’ in their specially designed performance cavern. They play many different styles of music including classical and rock. However, instrument creator Tim Linhart believes that ‘ice instruments have a more detailed sound than wood’ as ‘ice is stiffer and picks up all the vibrations.’

Linhart moved to Sweden in order to carry of his passion for ‘ICE-strument’ making as it was simply too warm in his hometown of Colorado. Luleå, where Ice Music is based, is one of the coldest towns in Sweden and therefore perfect for carving ice in instruments.

Linhart says that the sound of these instruments will ‘make your hair stand on end’ – I think the cold alone will do that! Pay a visit to the home of these marvelous creations yourself with one of the Mighty Fine Company’s holidays in Sweden!

18. July 2014 by Emma Smith

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