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New Year Treats

Dog sledding Finland

The mere thought of Christmas has me thoroughly exhausted already and I have therefore decided to give myself a New Year Treat. This is because I know exactly how the festive season is going to pan out: I will be cooking the Christmas feast, I will be the one choosing, wrapping and delivering the gifts and last, but by no means least, I will be the one left with the gargantuan task of clearing up the festive detritus on Boxing Day morning. By the sound of it, you wouldn’t think I loved Christmas, but I do, I really do, yet, each year I am left thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was something else to look forward to once all the excitement and yuletide cheer has settled down? Something other than the dreary anti-climax of January’s cold days of nothingness with only the promise of a summer holiday in the oh too distant future to keep me going?

This is precisely the reason I am currently sifting through the Mighty Fine Company’s post-Christmas breaks and looking forward to the prospect of a delectable New Year Treat. I plan to be as self-indulgent as soon as possible so I'm looking for something that is all about me and my interests. I love nature and am fascinated by the Northern Lights so I'm thinking that the Mighty Fine's Norwegian New Year selection may be ideal for me. The breaks look amazing and seem to be exactly what I am looking for - in fact, the excitement is already mounting!

You know, come to think of it, Christmas can’t come quick enough for me – then it will be no time until I can indulge in my fabulous New Year Treat!

12. November 2013 by Emma Smith

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