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Norwegian Nibbles

Chef at the RicaNorway tastes delicious! This is a country whose magnificent cuisine matches the beauty of its amazing countryside. But what can you expect to eat when you travel there?

Traditional Norwegian food is based on early conservation methods such as salting, drying and smoking. In terms of ingredients, fresh seafood is obviously a major feature as well as potatoes.

Menus, of course, are seasonal. In winter, for example, you will be eating hearty dishes such as Raspeball. These tasty balls of grated potato and barley are cooked in a salty broth and served with turnips, salted lamb, bacon and sausage.

Come summer, fresh seafood takes over the menu with locals taking regular trips to the sea to pick mussels. These mussels are then cooked in white wine with leeks, celery and chilli to create a lovely fresh flavour combination.

In terms of dessert, cloudberries are big news here. These golden fruits are mixed with icing sugar and whipped cream to create a sweet treat that always goes down a storm.

Mighty Fine Company customers often stay in Rica hotels which are known for the quality of their cuisine. One thing that often surprises and delights, however, is the breakfast offering. “We have five different types of caviar on our breakfast table: stavanger, salmon, catfish, lumpfish and smoked cod,”explains Oyvind Bolstad, Executive Chef at the Rica Stavanger.

Seafood in NorwayCaviar is a common ingredient in most Norwegian households. “Smoked cod caviar it is sold in tubes in every supermarket,” says Oyvind. “Salmon caviar, on the other hand, is used in a lot of in restaurants to garnish various seafood dishes. “

One element of Norwegian cuisine that tends to divide audiences, however, is the famous Lutefisk. Known for its pungent odour and gelatinous texture, Lutefisk is dried fish that has been soaked in bicarbonate of soda and then steamed. “Many Norwegians love it and have their own ‘Friends of the Lutefisk’ clubs where they meet up and eat lutefisk,” explains Oyvind. Others, including author Jeffrey Steingarten, are less keen. He famously declared: “Lutefisk is not a food, it is a weapon of mass destruction.” One thing is for sure, however, no trip to Norway would be complete without coming face-to-face with this iconic dish.

To explore the wonders of Norwegian cuisine for yourself, travel to this magnificent country with the Mighty Fine Company and sample the five caviars on offer at the Rica Stavanger when you embark on the Big Five Hiking holiday.

Salad dish, Norway

Beef dish, Norway

20. August 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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