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Princesstårta or Nordic Princess Cake

The Princesstarta was created in the 1930s by cookbook author Jenny Åkerström in honour of Sweden's three princesses: Margaretha, Martha and Astrid.

If you're looking for a cake fit for royalty, this indulgent creation could be right up your street and if you want to know more about Sweden, you can discover this fabulous country for yourself on our fabulous six day Stockholm to Gothenburg cruise.


• 500 ml heavy cream

• 200 ml vanilla custard

• 100 ml raspberry jam

• 200 ml fresh raspberries

• A marzipan sheet (traditionally green in colour)

• Icing sugar for decoration


1. Make a standard Victoria Sponge and, once cooled, cut it into three layers

2. Whisk the cream until stiff

3. Spread the custard and a little of the cream on the bottom layer

4. Put on the second cake layer and spread it with raspberry jam, adding some fresh raspberries

5. Add the last layer of the cake and spoon the remaining whipped cream on top, piling it up to create a smooth dome and remembering to cover the sides. Push the remaining raspberries in the cream and then cover the holes by smoothing the top with a spatula

6. Cover the cake with a marzipan sheet, cut off any excess and dust it with icing sugar

2. July 2013 by Emma Smith

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