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Santa’s Not-So Secret Helpers

Have you ever wondered where all those letters to Father Christmas go and how each one manages to get a reply? Well, wonder no more, I have happened upon the answer.

Now, I admit to being the cynical type, but I also have to admit to being very impressed when, each year, my nieces and nephews receive a personalised letter from the man himself. It is extra touches like this that can really make a child’s Christmas. I’d love to believe that Santa takes time out of his hectic schedule to write each and every one of those letters, but that would call for more than simple suspension of belief: the man just doesn’t have the time!

Nestled in the Arctic Circle, a rustic lodge, which would not look out of place on the cover of a Christmas card, serves a very important purpose. This lodge, situated just outside Rovaniemi in Finland, is a post office that provides a service quite unlike any other mail delivery service. It is the Christmas Post Office! Should you wander into its enticing interiors you will find elves studiously reading and responding to the thousands of letters that arrive at the office during the festive season. This is the centrepiece of the ‘Santa Village’ - a fairytale world of wonder and a perfect Christmas holiday destination.

Although at Christmas, the bulk of the work here involves replying to children’s letters to Father Christmas, this quaint post office performs all the tasks usually required from a postal service. Locals can purchase stamps, buy envelopes and, of course, post their mail here. Yet not even this day-to-day work can detract from the magical atmosphere of the place – especially when the workers are dressed as elves!

For a real taste of magic, visit Santa’s Post Office for yourself on the Mighty Fine Company’s Christmas Adventure Week.

30. January 2014 by James Walker

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