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Seafood Superlatives in Stockholm


For a dedicated foodie like me, seafood needs to be pretty amazing to meet my exacting standards, so when I was initially told about Lisa Elmqvist, from Stockholm, I was intrigued and cautious in equal doses. At first, I understood Lisa Elmqvist to be a renowned Stockholm seafood chef and in essence I was right; but there is so much more to this story. Allow me to explain...

Lisa Elmqvist from Stockholm was indeed a talented culinary wizard, whose modest beginnings as a fisherman's daughter selling produce on the waterfront markets in Stockholm led to much greater

Stockholm food hall

things. As her cooking skills flourished and reputation for delicious fresh seafood grew, she found herself moving to larger premises in Stockholm at Östermalms Saluhall. Fast forward four generations and you will discover a family-run market and restaurant in Stockholm serving the most celebrated seafood dishes in Stockholm. One of the most exciting aspects of this Stockholm outlet is the option to dine in or take away. Customers can breeze through the market, peruse the produce, pick up the finest seafood and rush off to their Stockholm residence to prepare their own meal.

Lisa Elmqvist meal

Alternatively they can stick around for an altogether unique dining experience, heightened by the charming atmosphere of this fabulous Stockholm restaurant.

But fish is fish right; so what’s so special about this place? Well, if you need to ask, your taste-buds are in for a delightful awakening! From the moment you sample the produce available at Lisa Elmqvist in Stockholm, all other seafood from anywhere else may as well be own-brand frozen fish fingers plucked from a supermarket freezer!

Over the years that this Stockholm mecca has been passed from one generation to the next, the family have evidently honed their skills to perfection. Visitors to Stockholm (and locals in the know!) can feast on carefully selected salmon, shellfish, pâté, chutneys and cheeses, accompanied by a refreshing glass of the finest local and international wines. This is the perfect place to pause after a day exploring the sights of Stockholm and, even if your love for seafood is not as ardent as mine, I can assure you, you will want to visit the Lisa Elmqvist in Stockholm at least once while in the city.

This venue in Stockholm is even available to host parties for up to 100 guests: I know where I’m spending my next birthday – anybody care to join me?

You can travel to Stockholm to experience the wonder of Lisa Elmqvist on this fabulous six day cruise which takes in the capital and so much more.

20. September 2013 by Emma Smith

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