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Shedding a Little Light on Rjukan

Complaining about too little sun is something of a British pastime, but this September, the inhabitants of Rjukan in Norway will be catching their first ever glimpse of winter daylight thanks to some huge mirrors!

Nestled deep in the Vestfjord Valley. Rjukan and its 3500 inhabitants live in perpetual darkness each year from September to March. The town, which was founded just 106 years ago, has thus far relied on a cable car system to take inhabitants to the surrounding mountain tops for welcome injections of daylight during this period. On the 1st of July 2013, however, work started on a massive engineering project to install three 538 square foot mirrors on the faces of the mountains surrounding the town. These will be used to reflect the sun’s rays onto the town square and bring winter daylight to a 200 square metre area of Rjukan for the first time ever!

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22. August 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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