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Ski Success for Scotland

Andrew Musgrave, a 23-year-old from Scotland, has become the first foreigner to win Norway’s free-style sprint at the national cross-country skiing championships.

As only Norwegians can claim medals at the games, Musgrave was denied gold, but his win will be a crushing blow to Norwegian contenders Ola Vigen Hattestad and Finn Hågen Krogh who were awarded gold and silver medals respectively. Even the local press had to admit that the Scot’s victory would be a disappointment to the home teams, choosing the headline, “This hurts for the Norwegians”.

Musgrave hopes that British skiers will now be taken more seriously and that British competitors will no longer be compared to comical skier Eddie the Eagle. One thing is for certain: all eyes will be on this young athlete to see how he progresses during his blossoming skiing career.

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3. March 2014 by James Walker

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